Tuesday, October 14, 2008

scrappy chick

i know it has been a while since my last posting. with the new season, we seem to busier than ever. just happier knowing that soon the climate will change, making it impossible not to want to make a pot of chili, carve a pumpkin, toast the seeds, light some candles, melt some tarts, and listen to some good music...kids playing. yes, i love the fall and how it makes me feel inside.

...and soon after that, we all get to prepare for Christmas-MY FAVORITE time of year for obvious reasons, but i'll stop there not wanting to get ahead of myself.

i want to fully enjoy all that autumn has to offer first. we are heading to michigan for a few days!!!! i can not wait to watch peyton and beckham play in the leaves, eat donuts, drink warm cider...AND i will snap away with my camera which has been away for weeks for repair and cleaning. It's back and I can't wait to put it to good Michigan-fall use!!!!

no pics...just this scrapbook page i made last month that i forgot to post!!!???
both of these babies melt my heart... both mine-okay one is not technically mine, but she still kinda is anyway! xoxoxo

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Kelly Hutcheson said...

These captions are the best!! I love these pictures and the story line!! Man, they are sure cute together! thanks for making a page of B and my baby!! I still can't believe I can say "my baby" - i still stutter when I say it!! (happy sigh)