Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can you find...

at least 9 things in this picture that made me feel peaceful, content, efficient, and happy on a rainy night?
...dinner cooking on stove.
...peyton completely engrossed in her project.
...beckham sitting in a big chair like a big boy (sigh)working on his picture. smal l glass of the-day-is-almost-over-go-ahead-and-indulge-yourself.
...autumn wreath tart melting away whilst (love using the word whilst...heard posh spice say it once and fell in love with the word...don't know why;0) making my kitchen smell like a michigan fall.
...squeaky clean kitchen floors (for the moment).
...rainy night.
...what you can't hear...a little holly cole on the ipod.
...fresh flowers.


Kelle said...

oh, it feels so peaceful. please tell me after you snapped the picture, the pot didn't boil over making the kids scream and go running like banshees, knocking the wine glass to the floor which crashed and rickecheted glass chards into the ipod ruining it? please tell me that didn't happen. 'cuz that'd be bad.

Heidi said...

hahaha...laughing out loud over this comment. could of tho...scary huh?!!! you crack me up.

Steph C said...

so tranquil! But isn't it more fun with the children running around and making a mess! Love children!

Carin said...

oh, I LOVE this post! I can smell the tart, hear the water boiling, taste the wine....nothing beats simple pleasures!