Monday, May 25, 2009

long weekends mean...

...impromptu bbq's.
(hmmm, how many guys does it take...?:)
...relishing naples in all it's sandy goodness with people we love, family i adore, and a bartender that makes the best slushy lemonade this mouth has ever tasted.
we sat around, soaked up some harmful rays, we documented, we drank, we dug in the sand, took fast jet ski rides out into the deep blue sea...then dove in and floated while pondering life's little blessings. we were almost rescued by the sea and tow, but we waved em' on, letting them know we were okay-just enjoying the water.
we said over and over again how much fun we were having. i heard random strangers muttering what a beautiful day it was while our kids played on the beach for hours, took kayak rides, ran after birds,
played football, napped on the beach...
i took it all in knowing that we are giving our kids a little gift. memories they will surely hold onto...atleast a few from today. i'm tired and and it's late so i could easily go on and on in my sensitive and euphoric state about what a wonderful weekend it has been thus far, but i won't...because it's late and i'm tired :)
long weekends mean that i can play around with my editing tools longer than i should...
and one of my favorites from the day...
and in breaking news...!!!!!!
you heard it folks...ROAD TRIP!!!!
(it will be well documented and we can't wait!!!!)
more to come soon...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a little blog lovin'...

dear blog,

oh, how i've missed you. without ram nothing worked...tons of pictures sat on your hard drive just waiting to be showcased, shared with friends and family. stories and tidbits of our life have begged to be blogged, so i promise to give you love more often...because i love this blog...the place i call home in the great big world wide web!!!!


anywho, computer is fixed...healed. back from the black hole it was in for a couple of weeks-thank the good lord in heaven above. i feel like a new person!!! we are all backed up, pictures stored safely on an external drive. so we are back and feelin' safe and secure for a while longer:)

i could blog about any number of things tonight, but i will start with beckham's latest accomplishment...

can you guess?
i wish i could show you how proud his face is when he gets that bike moving!!! it is precious. he such a big boy now. we are so proud of his sweet, sweet heart. i really can not believe that this little boy is for real...with all of his sweet gestures and love he gives to all of us everyday! we are so very proud of him!!!
so much more to write to but off to see good friends and laugh the night away, maybe watch a little
american idol finale...GO Kris!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

all i need is...

...and more RAM!
(house quiet, coffee in hand, thoughts of how good this day is going to be running through my mind...hmmm, maybe i'll do a mother's day post on my blog. yes, right now. i know exactly the photos i will post. can't wait!)
...two minutes later
no collages of my kids or pictures of my mom on the beach with my kids-not today anyway.
i never realized i would ask jeff for more RAM on mother's day versus something cooler like a new hat for the beach, or a picnic basket, or a gift cert to buy new make-up. asking for RAM is like spending money on a new washer or dryer or new roof! ya know, stuff you need,
but don't want to spend your money on.
all that aside, happy mother's day to my mom and to my grandma for having my mom-
because i adore my mama!!!
also, to my mother-in-law for having such a sweet son.
i love you all very much.
and to my babies...for making me a mommy!
dreams do come true and they are called peyton and beckham.
my two steal my heart everyday. i love you so much.
we are off to spend the day together. going to enjoy the paradise we live in...the beach.
RAM or no RAM, camera or no camera (mine is now officially dead...heavy sigh)...
today is a good day because, indeed, all you really need is love!

Monday, May 4, 2009

my little guy.

he laughs. he loves. he plays. he innocently says things to us that make us throw our heads back and laugh until our sides hurt. he coyly smiles back and then repeats what he just said because he knows...we're listening.

he does so much more than i could ever imagine a two and a half year old (he will officially be two in a half years old in 4 days!) could do. he learns so much from his big sister. she teaches him everything that she knows to do. some good, some not so good. he just seems so grown-up lately. not like my baby boy. 'my baby boy,' that is what i call him. every single night and a few times a day, i ask him, "who are you? you're mommy's what?" he'll look at me, smile shyly, pull up both of his shoulders, tuck the right corner of his chin down into his chest and say, "mommy's baby boyyyyyy!!!!" he sings it. makes me happy. it's precious and it fills me up like nothing else can.

i could go on and on about how special beckham is to us. i could talk for ten pages full all the little things beckham does and says...his little nuances and habits and things that make up beckham darwish, but i won't. not today. right now peyton wants to have a pretend wedding with me and beckham is the 'daddy!' peyton has it all worked out! so i have to hurry to get this post done.

one of the many things that beckham likes to do: cook!

one day while peyton was at school, beckham wanted to make cupcakes.
"cupcakes, mommy! i want to make cupcakes! Pleeeeze?!"
i told him we didn't have cake mix, but since he wouldn't take no for an answer, i got up to 'look' for the mix i KNEW we didn't have, to prove we didn't have it. however, sure enough i found a lone box at the back of my pantry closet also known as the black hole in my kitchen.
while we waited for the cupcakes to cook...beckham tried his hand at some painting!!!!
after that...those darn cupcakes still weren't finished filling the heart-shaped silicone cups with fluffy goodness, so we did a little dancing to lady gaga's poker face. check out his signature move on the last picture. he does that move, accompanied with, "rock-n-roll!" usually holding his sister's hannah montana guitar. pictures of all that to come later.
finally, beckham frosted his sweet confection. painstakingly placing a colored sprinkle one-by-one onto the frosted cupcake. cracked me up.
at last...
last night, while rocking him to sleep he said, "sing me my song mama!"
we have a few diiferent ones in regular rotation, so i just started singing the one i made up for him after he was born. the baby boy song.
"no, not that one."
i moved on to Here Comes the Sun...this had to be it. we played it the night he was born in the hospital. i rocked him at 3 am, in my hospital chair, the room was dark and light from the bright hosptial hallway was shining through the cracked door, singing him this song. hearing it takes me back to that night every time.
"no, that one one mama. my song."
so tried one more, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
to my amazement...he started to sing with me. not just the tune, but the words. he wasn't mumbling the words...he was singing the words with conviction. with purpose.
i clapped and when i did, he again, did his shoulder/chin/proud & shy smile thing. he was so proud of himself. we did it again and again. i know he should have been sleeping by then, but hey, how often does your little one learn the words to a song.
one day soon, we won't even want to sing this song anymore. i know all the big kid independence, i'm too cool for my mom stuff will be here soon enough. for now...i'll bask in the mutual adoration we have one another. the bond we share as mommy and baby boy, the way he seems that he simply can not get enough of me. i'll take it as long as i can get it. i hope writing all of it down in my little digital diary keeps me from forgetting it one day.


i love you baby boy.
mommy's baby boy forever.
my bubs.