Monday, September 29, 2008

Letting Go

I'm not sure why, but long before I became a mother, I decided that my children would never, EVER wear character clothing. I just couldn't stand to look at the Dora tennis shoes, the Disney Princess pillow cases and bed spreads, character hair ties, and an assortment of pj's ranging from Sesame Street characters to Barbie. You name a character, you can find an article of clothing, or decorative piece for a child to proudly adorn or display in their room.

Well, I wanted nothing of that. Peyton would never wear a character anything. I would put my foot down. Express my rights as her mother. If she became upset, I would pacify her with cute polka-dot pj's, hot pink tennis shoes, sparkly hair bows and ties. She would have to get over it. I am NOT budging on this one! Not gonna happen, no way, now how.

Well, now that my precious baby girl is growing up and can express with her words and actions her likes and dislikes...I am finding it harder and harder to stick with my original way of thinking. It all started with a pair of Dora the Explorer pj's (princess) she received for her birthday a couple of years ago. I hastily threw them back in the bag that they came in, and decided to put them in the back of the closet...she won't find them there.

She found them! So what, right? She'll only wear them in the house. Only I have to look at them. I guess I can handle that.

Who cares that I bought her a real set of princess nightgowns, in the palest of pinks, with sparkles, rhinestones, and feather slippers to what that they just hang in her closet NEVER TOUCHED and never mentioned.

Next came the Dora slippers, only to be worn in the house of course. When those wore out, another pair of slippers and Batman shoes for given to them while I was not around...hmmm.
Slowly, other character items started creeping into my life. Disney Princesses...all of them, Hello Kitty (pretty cute, I must admit), and now Barbie!
I must say, that I had to let go. I had to let it go. Still struggling with this, but happy to say that I no longer cringe at the sight of my daughters brand new, self chosen Hannah Montana pillows and blankets to be used, NOT at home, but at her preschool. I have to laugh at the importance that I put on these things, when they mean nothing in the big scheme of things. However, it means a great deal to her. For her, it is her way of showing her independence and so much more. She is expressing herself, her likes, dislikes. (She did NOT like the shabby chic set of sheets and rose bud pillows that I wanted her to look at). She is becoming more and more independent everyday. I am learning to foster that, and I think I am getting better each day! Another way that my kids teach me to be a better mom. love them so much!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

our anniversary!

it has been 9 years today! 9 years ago at half past 6 in the evening, jeff and I took vows before God and family...pledging our love and lives together forever.
the pics look a little washed out...i forgot how to turn my flash off...yes, i did.
jeff and i at the ritz

special day!

my mom and dad at their wedding july 1, 1977 (k&b anniversary too!)


a re-enactment of my mom and dads photo of us leaving our wedding for the night




mr. and mrs. jeffery darwish!


first dance.

Photobucket jitters before the ceremony.




my dad.

happy anniversary jeff! i love you. you make me smile everyday. thank you for being a wonderful father to our two perfect babies. who knew that on our 9th anniversay we would have been blessed with two of the most lovely kids in this entire universe. Happy 9th!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is Here!

(look how little my babies look in these pics)
finally got my MDIS software to work!!! been out of commission for a few days, but it is working now...WHEW!!!

fall is here! we are going to mi next month because i HAVE to get there and visit an apple orchard. we will be there for only 3 days, but that will be long enough to make 3 visits to my favorite orchard!!! i can not wait for peyton and beckham to run and jump in a freshly raked batch of crispy leaves, drink gallons (maybe not gallons) of warm apple cider outside in the cool weather, and eat one to many sugared donuts. pics to follow of those fun times. until then, here are some pictures from last year. since i didn't have a blog back then, i like posting an older pic for memory sake. i wish you could smell a mi fall through the is just one of those things!

Friday, September 12, 2008

simple pleasures

watching jeff and kids play together in their new obsession...our pool!
all the birthday texts, cards, calls from friends and family...thank you! i had a perfect bday!
peyton showing us she is a big girl at pre-school
peyton and i sporting the same polish because she, "wants nails like mommy!"
peyton insisting on making breakfast 5 of 7 days and doing a fabulous job doing it!
creative kids
this spaghetti face
there are so many other little simple things that mean so much. things i don't have pictures of, or ones that i don't want to dig out such as...
the way peyton's face literally looks as if it has been lit up by a nightlight when i pick her up from school on tuesdays and thursdays. she is sooooo happy to see becks and I. i love all the bear hugs she gives while running around to show us all of the treasures she has made ....glitter name cards, cookies with decorated faces, purple beaded bracelets.
a drive thru starbuck's is DA BOMB!!!) .
jeff letting me sleep in on most saturdays...he rocks!
watching old sex and the city reruns while blogging...sweet nostalgia wrapping me up, making me want to say more, share more..but i can't-to tired tonight:).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Babies!!!

i love my friends, their kids, and my babies...i especially love it when we spend time together and watch our babies interact with each other. it is a beautiful thing. i find myself reminding, scolding, praising, loving my children more at these can be hard to share...but it is worth it. take a look at these cute kids...

calistoga cave

playdate at heidi's house!!!!

good friends, good food, good times!

Monday, September 1, 2008


i snuck upon peyton one day, when to my surprise she was dancing for herself in the mirror. not only practicing new moves, but new and super cute facial expressions. i couldn't help but gasp when i saw her happily dancing with determination while checking out her sparkled face paint.

i love that at any moment i can walk into a room, and have a surprise waiting for me like this. with peyton and becks, life is NEVER boring. sometimes you get black sharpie drawn walls (most of you remember that episode) and then other times you see a dancing princess entertaining herself in the mirror.