Thursday, August 28, 2008


"mommy, can i may please have chocolate?" (gotta love those manners though)

"no, sweetheart. We need to eat dinner before anymore treats."

"(sigh) PLEEEZE mommy!!!!"

"peyton, no means no, so NO!"

"well, yes means yes!!!"

me- (suppressing a laugh and staring at my daughter in disbelief that she so bright and like a sponge and witty) "yes,'re right! Yes does mean yes, but i said no. end of story!"

then we both started laughing and she gave me a hug! i love her so much., i did not give in on the candy. Yay for me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

beckham's personal styler...

found these...

sadly, i can not find them in his size:( these shoes are so cute and so fall and could be soooo beckham. praying to the shoe gods for a size 7:):):)

thanks kell.

Friday, August 22, 2008


annette and i-friends since 2nd grade. (Ang too...Net's twin sis)

LOVE this lake love. picture sunsets and bbqs right here with fam and friends.

midnight snack circle...hee hee
annette's first time taking the boat out without hubby. net just started her own blog too...

you can check it out at
we are home! loving that! sorry to say goodbye to family and friends, but thankful to have had such a wonderful of the best summers EVER! one of the last things we did was visit my friend, Annette's lake house, for an impromptu girl and kiddies sleepover!!! so fun. so memorable. so filling.

charming lake house...check

4 blue walls...check

cute kids...check

pontoon boat tubing...check

inside jokes between the oldest of friends...check

uncontrollable laughter...check

bonfire (courtesy of dawn)...check

cooler full of refreshments...check

relaxing on the boat







dawn and peyton tubing...peyton was soooo super excited!!!



i don't like beer. haven't for many years, but i have been trying bc the cost for beer is less expensive than new favorite beer is...Berry Weiss...soooo good really cold.


becks and i went outside in the morning, before the othere kids got up...


so in love with this boy!

pajama princesses and bedtime bandits-missing a few, but here are most of the kids before bed!!!

to keep this from being the longest post ever...i will stop here. Thank you Annette for having us at your cottage. love you.
(not sure why the original post is half way down???)


happy to be back. happy to be in my home. happy to be so happy to be back. happy i got to see friends that were so missed. happy to see my babies and my friend's babies playing together. happily filled up.
(pictures to follow...eventually:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beckham's bath time

beckham is out of sorts tonight. in fact, I am blogging this late bc he keeps getting up, whimpering like a little puppy, crying, screaming...he was vaccinated today (will post pics of that later). so sad. he made it through the shots wonderfully. however; peyton, auntie heather, and i were a MESS! peyton kept telling the doctor to leave her baby brother alone, whilst shielding her eyes with her little hand and staring at the procedure the whole time. i had to hold him down and watch his little face contort into the many different phases of pain that come with multiple shots in a matter of 6 seconds. it sucked.

getting my kids vaccinated has been such a subject of turmoil for me and to many others in my circle of friends. my inner dialogue goes WACKY when i think about it. to vaccinate or not?? this seems to be the BIG question discussed by many of the mommies in my life. it sucks. i hate thinking about it.

will beckham become autistic from the vaccination that I his mother, approved that he receive? what if he becomes withdrawn? what if we lose the little boy that i am sooooo in love with? what if he stops showing emotion?...the list goes on and on and on and on.

i finally decided to get the shots done. after much research, and discussions, and even a few tears...he is up to date. i feel good about it. i guess it just comes down to doing for your child what you feel is best. this felt like the right thing to do for us. being a mommy can be so hard. so many decisions. when the time came for becks to get his shots 6 months ago, i decided to wait. my advice, do things in your time. yes, there are schedules to follow-but you have to come to peace with these things first. we are good moms and do the best that we can do. i just love my kids to pieces and hope a lot of the other "stuff" just falls into place:)


bath time makes beckham's "boo boo's feel better."
beck's bath time beauties...his lashes!
sweet, sweet boy!
this is peyton running away from bath time...crazy kid!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

things to be happy about in the last week...

peyton following her cousin tony around all week, while he rolled his eyes and tried to get away. so cute to watch. Look at the expression on his face...he is thinking and said many times, "Leave me alone, Peyton!"

this little face of perfection.
tired babies wanting mommy at the same time.
sibling smoochies.
peyton playing Capture the Flag with the 'big kids' and loving it!
watching becks splash through puddles and seeing the sheer
joy on his face over somthing so simple.
capturing peyton's sweet heart over and over again.
auntie elaina loving my kids.
beck's saying, "Again, slide, daddy!!!"
this smiling face....evie!
uncle peter loving on my kiddies.
this small bottle of magic...some people say it doesn't work, but i am a true believer.
evie calm and peaceful after a dose of baby beano...hehe! Mylicon.
peyton and becks playing a game of musical chairs while jeff coached them on how to get a chair faster than all the other kids...soooo funny.
i loved our family vacations this year! It was a special time where lots of memories were made.
I can't believe it, but we are about to return to Florida!!! Happy and sad at the same time. However, feeling mostly lucky that we got to split our time between two places this summer.
Just a little side note: went into Barnes and Noble yesterday. Guess what i saw there...
Books about FALL...yes
Books about pumpkins...yes
Books about the coming festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing...Christmas time is coming fast.
I LOVE the coming seasons. I mean, I truly LOVE and enjoy them to the fullest. I can't wait! So before i get WAY ahead of myself with tales and plans of special pumpkin carvings, special traditions ( I'm a traditions kind of gal) and costume searching, special stocking finds...I will end it here with the knowledge that something special is when you are looking forward to vacation...the excitement that comes with that, an undercurrent of excitement officially starts with the beginning of fall-you know that feeling:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Peyton kayaking with Uncle Peter & Auntie Taryn.

Puddle player!

Baby Evie...such a little love! Peyton looks like a college student to me in this pic.
Sandcastles and water are a HUGE thing at Evergreen!

My mom playing ping pong!
Our little 'Tiger!'
Bonfires and roasting marshmellows...perfect end to a long day on the beach!
SMORES!!!!! Yummy!
I LOVE that we can walk barefoot on the grass in Canada and Michigan...not something done very often in Florida.

Okay, I has been a long time since my last posting...14 DAYS!!! I have been on my family vacation and enjoying myself to the fullest!!! One exception...the WI-FI connection in the lodge was hit and miss, and in my experience during the week, completely a MISS. Not always because the connection was down...but because I was so busy spending time and having fun with family and friends. Okay, some of the time I sat in a chair outside, and savored the view of the lake and the sun turning it different colors, making it all sparkly. I loved feeling the breeze and the smell of the fresh air. I am starting to sound like a Hallmark card, so I am going to stop-but these simple things are what I enjoyed most about our trip to Evergreen.

When I found myself alone, which was not much of the time, I would steal away from our little cottage in the woods, make myself a cup of the provided and steaming delicious coffee and have a seat in the retro (WAY OLD),plush familiar chair that i have sat in once a year every year for 21 years (give or take a year here and there). I would talk to people as they walked by marveling at how what seemed like a few years ago, these same people were sneaking away from their parents to take a walk in the woods with a boyfriend...are now married with a a little one or two (myself included;0). I would get caught up in many different "catch up" chats. The people here are people that we see once a year. I enjoy their company, love hearing what is going on in their lives, meeting new babies, sharing mine. I loved playing a plethora of card and board games...but Evergreen is where it stops. No Christmas cards, no phone calls,...we all just meet up every year in the last week of July and have a good time. We LOVE it. Also, my family is there, so it is non-stop family time for a week!

It is a place called Evergreen Resort and Lodge and it located in Red Bay, Ontario. The best way to describe it is the same kind of place that Baby met Johnny in the movie Dirty Dancing...Kellerman's Resort, complete with a talent show at the end of the week where, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" (sorry, had to do it) Minus, of course, the dirty dancing, pregnancy drama, and sexy dance instructors!!!

Instead it is a place to relax, take pictures, enjoy each others company without the interruption of TV, phones, and housework...all meals served in the main dining area when the bell is rung 3 times a day!

It is a wonderful time where we watch the sunset every night, play shuffleboard, swim, fly a kite, play mini-golf, or one my personal favorites: take walks where I especially love to hear and feel the the rocks and dirt under my running shoes...sounds strange, but you can only get that feeling from walking in an 'up north' setting. I took 1000 pictures...Holy pictures. I had so much fun with my camera this week.

Going up north again tomorrow with a old friend for three days...this time no kiddies and no Jeff. Will miss them, but can't wait for the time to be me again. Recharge the batteries.

xoxo, missing my life in Florida-see you all soon!

Case number 4-5-6-8-9 Delinquent Blogger - ticket paid!!!! LOL