Sunday, October 5, 2008

peyton-ism with a lesson...

one day last week, i dumped a huge pile of clean laundry on my bed, turned the TV on to Oprah and mechanically started folding and listening to what was being said on the TV. i was completely engrossed on what was on the Oprah show (heartbreaking story about a two year old and i could not stop watching). Peyton was in the kitchen playing with play-doh.

me: (to peyton who walked into the room) "Hi, baby girl!"

peyton: "Mommy, what are you doing? Folding clothes?"

me: "yes, sweetheart." i was talking to her, but not looking:(

peyton: "can i help?"

me: "sure, here are some wash cloths. you are so good at folding those. thank you for helping me."

peyton: "look mommy! i did it!!"

me: "yes, baby. you did such a good job. i love how helpful you are."

talking to peyton, but wishing i could listen to the story on Oprah first. therefore not fully engaged with peyton. i realized this and felt guilty, but justified it to myself that we did many fun activities earlier and now it is quiet least until 5 when Oprah would be over and becks would be up from his nap.

peyton: "mommy? (pause, looks at me) LITTLE HANDS MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!"

me: (almost falling off the bed) "what did you just say???"

peyton: (smiling now) "little hands make a big difference!!"

me: (smiling, TURNING OFF Oprah, and grabbing my baby girl for the biggest hug ever) "you are so right peyton mae, little hands DO make a big difference, especially yours!!! Do you want to go have a tea party?"

peyton: "YAY!!!!"

thanking peyton for once again teaching me how to be a better listener and mommy. being present, and more engaged, even when i think i need a break. she needed me at that moment and i am glad that i was there for her.

i love you baby girl! i am the luckiest mommy in the whole world to have you as my little girl. xoxoxoxo


Kelly Hutcheson said...

She DID NOT say that! OMG! Heartwarming!! WOW!

Steph C said...

That that is TOO cute for words wish you could have taped that one:)

Jennifer said...

Wow...incredible story!!!

I will make a definite point of trying to remember that , the next time I find myself "tuning out"...

Thanks for the reminder to be present for every second in their lives!!!


Kelle said...

awwww...what a sweet girl...and a sweet mommy!

Unknown said...

OH How sweet...and such a profound statement! Gotta love it! :o)

Anonymous said...

My niece ROCKS!!!! I cant wait to see you and the babies (and jeff)...heheh!