Thursday, July 3, 2008

E.T. Phone Home!!


Pic I took of Jenn while riding bikes...Note to Self: man behind Jenn is not a ghost. Just a guy stealing Heineken during Hurricane Katrina. Gotta love a man with his priorities straight.


Pic I photo shopped of Jenn taking ET home...


Just kidding...I WISH I did it...Terry did it. He is amazingly talented!

Ghost Hunters...NOT SO MUCH!

All kidding aside...I was FREAKED out most of the time on Mackinac Island. Many people claim that the island is haunted and most people, when asked, will tell you their own personal story of a ghost encounter. I will say, that I asked about 95% of people I came into contact with, if they have ever seen anything.

I felt very uneasy most of my weekend, to the point that I would not go back to my hotel room alone (unless i had to). I made Jeff walk with me to the bathroom, to brush my teeth, anywhere I had to go. I guess it is a BIT extreme, but i am a believer in these things.

I heard MANY stories this weekend, but this one may have been the weirdest. It was told by my pedicurist, Yes, pedicurist. She said one night she was in her room getting ready for bed when she looked up and saw a 'lady hanging from a noose above my mantle.' WTF?

You think that is crazy...SHE STAYED in her room that night. Double WT...?

One more story. I was told by someone that the carriage/cab drivers (horse and buggy) turn or break off their rear view mirrors because they don't want to see all the ghosts in them. Triple WT...?

My friend Jenny, who is also a believer, and Kristy did not actually SEE one, but when they were walking down the street late at night, a door started opening and closing by ITSELF. It wasn't like a strong wind had come by and done it, it was a deliberate opening and closing. Needless to say, Jenn and Kristy scattered like wild fire and went running in different directions to save themselves. Not funny. Poor girls.

If anyone of my blogger buddies can tell me why these pics are sooo big??? I like them bigger, but this is kind of to big


Steph C said...

That is neat! It seems like you are having a great time!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

The ghosts made your pictures big! They like a lot of attention! Get the he** out of dodge! (aka maniac island)

Kelle said...

cute pics. it wasn't the was the moutain man.
when you're in compose, pull the arrows (drag until you have them the size you want)

Heidi said...

Hahahahaha-mountain man!!!! I am serious about him...he does exist. Beware preggers peeps;0

Samantha said...

SO funny. Don't worry Heidi, I am believer also and would have been FREAKED out!

Carin said...

I LOVE ghost hunters! I believe in that stuff, too!

laughing at you making jeff go with you everywhere :o)