Friday, July 11, 2008

BABY GIRLS Everywhere!!!!!!!

Little girls are
precious gifts,Wrapped in love serene.
Their dresses tied
with sashes And futures tied with dreams
We have been truly blessed with the birth of THREE little girls!!! Not my own children, but I would love to call them my own. Each one so sweet, so loved, and so lucky to have the mommy and daddy that they do. We love you so much little bundles of love.
Introducing my neice, Evelyn Gabrielle Luckow...
So perfect and sweet. I love your little nose and tiny toes.
Congratulations Elaina & Jeremy!!!
We love you little Evie!!!!
Introducing Skye Rose Conforti...
We love you so much and can't to cover you in hugs and kisses.
Congratulations Joe & Stephanie!
Photo by Kelle...friend and AMAZING photographer!
Introducing Marley Juliann Simpson...
Sweet baby Marley, we love your little kissable cheeks.
Congratulations Chrissy & Scott!
*to the brand new mommies in my life...wishing you sweet 'midnight snacks,' lots of belly giggles, and unlimited baby boosies (kisses). thank you for letting me breath in the 'sweetness' that only a new baby has, you know the Oh-my-goodness-she-is-so-small-I can't-beleive-my-own-baby-was-this-small-I want-another-one-now smell! the smooth baby head rubbing against your cheek newborn baby 'sweetness.' xoxo


Samantha said...

That is crazy! I can't believe everyone is having girls. Your niece and Chrissy's daughters are adorable. Of course, so is Skye:) Miss you! When are you coming home?

Kelle said...

My uterus hurts. It wants one of those. :o)

Kelly Hutcheson said...

Babies are such miracles!!

LOL on Kelle's uterus hurting!! lol.

Heidi said... uterus hurts is tooooo funny!
coming home mid august:)

Steph C said...

Ahh that is so sweet you put our angel on the blog! Girls are heavenly! We are in love and can't wait until you meet her! She is just beautiful! Hurry home we miss you! We can't wait for play dates:) xoxox