Thursday, November 12, 2009

new baby. sweet niece. my baby girl.

i had the wonderful opportunity to take newborn photos for my neighbor and friend a few days ago. baby abigail is nothing short of a miracle baby and an angel to boot.

she is breathtaking and sweet. i have only done two newborn shoots so far, but this baby, by far has to be one of the easiest little bambinos to work with... like in the history of newborn baby picture taking experiences. she molded, slept when we needed her to, she was alert when we needed her to was a wonderful experience.

my photog friend, kelle came along to love up on abigail and to help me with posing, soothing, setting up. i'll be honest...two photogs to one newborn baby is the way to go. i was able to get so many more poses this way...and it was way fun to work with my friend. kelle, you rock man! love you. can't wait to do it again.

next up is my adorable baby niece, evelyn. oh, how i love this little girl with all of my heart. she is
sister's baby. she is a little pixie, but has the biggest smile. she lights up a room and her cousins love

i had the best time with this photo shoot. yes, we treated it as a shoot. we organized schedules, went
shopping for the perfect fall outfit, went to three locations...and all the work was worth it, because i could
eat these images off of my computer screen. she's like a little cupcake.


a few more that i found from our fall trip to michigan this year.

more later, but for now...g'night!!!!!


Kelle said...

so, jill and elaina are going to fa-reak out. fa-real. so beautiful. so proud of you! and that shoot was the most fun ever...loved the less pressure and the added fun of watching you and knowing how happy it feels to get great shots! and, um, hello...can't forget to mention that beauty at the end. xoxo

Kelly said...

Okay, Hutch-out! Enough is enough! This just isn't right. From the sweet Abigail who gives my monitor smellavision to Evie with those smiling BROWN eyes that make me want to buy colored contacts just to be like her. And then your adorable kids rolling in fall leaves? come on now. You're just too talented for words!

PS The other day, Peyton was sitting like a complete ANGEL for a 45 minute assembly listening intently and completely engaged. Some kids had the wiggles, but not your P! You would've been a proud momma! :)

jen said...

LOVE that last photo!! Those eyes are amazing! :-)