Monday, November 2, 2009

mama's, babies, and footballs.

this post is for some pretty amazing mama's that have been patient in waiting to see a sneak preview of their sessions. i did a few at once because i have been working like a good little elf in order to get these done for...

i love me a good christmas mailer and i love saying christmas mailers instead of makes me want to say something like, " the mailers are done, now all i have to do is take them to the post!" a little bit of the little women for me to get me in the mood for christmas...not that i need any help in that department.

jeff and i decided to decorate early for christmas this year...maybe next week...just sayin'...the darwish's love them some holiday cheer!!!

first family is an old friend from school! it was so nice catching up and walking through old fields to find the perfect spot for the family photo the mama had envisioned in her mind last summer when she first asked me to these...



lydia was the perfect model and loved posing and having fun in front of my lens. she made my job a breeze!

next family was about rained out due to about 24 hours of non-stop rain. i had three shoots this day, we had
to cancel two, but we were determined to get just ONE good photo for christmas...what happened was pure
magic because i have about 100 photos i could post here. most of these were taken in the was
holding an umbrella over her beautiful boys for the most of the shoot.

it was rainy, gray, gloomy...but these boys are amazing and made these images come alive. seriously, they
kinda make me want another boy.





such a great time! xoxo

next is beautiful little kate...i photographed her newborn pics and this day she was so alert, i just love how she is looking
right at the camera!


baby marley is next!!!! lovin' on those eyes right now!!!



i ADORE this photo of marley and her mama!

hope all had a great halloween.



Kelle said...

oh, heidi these are beautiful! i don't even know how to pick a favorite! i love the one of the little girl so much...and the three boys...and then that one of chrissy and marley...just unscripted mommy moment. i think that's my fave.
beautiful work! these mamas must be proud to show these off!

April said...

it's like i hit the blog jackpot today, so many new posts! yay!

and while i'm not one of the moms anxiously awaiting pictures, i still enjoyed looking at them.

are you gonna have halloween pictures up soon?

happy november, heidi!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi--these are simply stunning!!! Love the one of the sweet little girl in the woods and the 3 adorable boys together. AMAZING!!! xoxo Jenn

Anna Ruth said...

Amazing! The little girl in the orange dress is so cute. I love the Mom looking at her boys too. Great work.

The Manrings said...

oh heidi, i have a lump in my throat as i look at that the one of the three boys on the couch..reminds me of tyler's baby pictures with his two brothers. the last one is precious and so real life. love the fall in the background too! mmm!

Tisha said...

i love how you used the umbrella in the shoot. great pics!