Wednesday, November 11, 2009

disney world part 1 of a lot!!!!

had i mentioned we were going to disney world?!!!

well, we did! our girls turned 5 last month and when i say our girls i mean, my little peyton and jenn's little sophia!!!

they are cousins and they love and adore each other to pieces!!! jenn and i have been dreaming of taking our little girls places since they were born or in the womb where we wished and hoped we would have girls together even though all we really wanted were healthy babies. boys were cool too! but we had baby girls and it was the happiest surprise ever in the history of...all my, not sure what i meant to write, but i'm sure you get it.

i have literally hundreds of pictures, but i am swamped this week with work, so i am posting part 1 today and will go from there bc i am having a ball looking at what we captured.

let me just was MAGICAL! jenn and i had waves of chills, misty eyes, faces that wouldn't/couldn't stop smiling. it really was an amazing 'princess' trip, making us think about planning the next one.

we had the COOLEST room ever at the animal kingdom lodge... yes, we sprung for the better view in hopes getting to see a giraffe or zebra... at least once. HELLO!!! we saw them everyday. every single day we could look out our window and see a GIRAFFE, a boar, or zebra or 10 other things that i can't name, but jenn could 'cause that girl is a kid at heart. i have never seen an adult run like a bat out of hell in order to get to her room just so she could look out of our balcony window 'cause..."omg, they are going toward our room, run, run, run, omg...i think they are in front of our room!!!!!!" (eating jenn's dust as she sprints down the hall of the hotel with kids following and me...laughing my ass off.)

love that girl. she cracks me up. anyway...we immediately stood outside in the cold with the kids and marveled at the long necked animals and beautiful black and white striped creatures. it was so cool, we really felt like we were in africa somewhere. it was surreal. a perfect word for it...surreal. i half expected a dinosaur to round the corner and eat some leaves off of one of the trees. we felt blessed and lucky to be there and found ourselves saying that over and over throughout the weekend.

to say the kids were excited was an understatement...they played on the balcony, climbed bunk beds, fought over who was getting it, watched movies, and then ordered room service. it was fab and that was just the first few hours we were there the first night.

i have more to share...birthday fairies, shopping, photo shoots, burgers and wine at midnight, tons of laughter, a few tears and princesses, but for now, here are some photos and they are not in order.

these are from the day we visted cinderella's castle. we had lunch there and it was really beautiful inside.

our beautiful girls.

we love you girls... so, so much.


April said...

okay, love the peek into your disney vacation! can't wait to see more!!

(and i love the pigtail series kelle posted on her blog of your girl, too cute!)

Tammy B said...

The pics are bringing back memories for me :) It is a magical place, isn't it? And the pure happiness and excitement in their eyes does bring you to tears.

Can't wait to see some more pictures!

Anonymous said...

got chicken skin all over again! I can't thank you enough for capturing the magic of the weekend--I literally can't stop getting waves of goosebumps--it was AMAZING! xoxo Jenn

Anonymous said...

oh and I can't stop looking at the photos of Sophie wearing my scarf--she looks so much like me as a little girl--goosebumps...again! You are amazingly talented.
xoxo Jenn

carie said...

ahhhh...those girls will remember that trip forever. great memories were made and there are photos to prove it!

Tisha said...

can't wait to see more! looks like an amazing trip! love your pictures, they are amazing!

Kelle said...

came and looked last night but ran out the door and couldn't comment. what a memory for all of you...and i love all that you did to make it so special for them. you captured it beautifully. their little spirits. and also the plastic faces of those princesses...where does disney find these chicks? with half a pound of princess spackle make-up, those ladies look frighteningly like the real thing.
so happy you were able to have this trip and enjoy dual bonding...big girls & 'lil girls. xoxo

Kelly said...

Sign us up right now! (ruffling through papers, handing u pen) Looks like so much fun! Are those characters real? Did they pour wax on their face before they left for work? Can they ever stop and ask for directions looking like that? What if their car needs gas? Do they get out of the car and pump it themselves? Does Cinderella pump her own gas? What if Snow White gets a flat tire on the interstate? These are the questions I have.