Friday, November 13, 2009

doing it.

decorating the christmas tree tonight. no picture. no cool story...just a little practice on how to post a comment without HAVING to add a picture. just a thought. a random little thought that i am pretty sure my future self would like to read in ten years.

who knows, maybe i'll think it was really stupid;0 that made me laugh.

at the end of a seriously long week. taking calls, meeting deadlines, planning a batman family dinner for my precious baby boy...i'm exhausted along with millions of other mamas.

what did the doctor order you ask?

phone off.

christmas music streaming through the house, brownies in the oven, and boxes of ornaments and knick knacks to pour over with every little memory attached....divine therapy. the ultimate medicine.

oh, and later i am watching a movie.



Kelle said...

Lol. Oh, those days are so character building. And you know we're gunna make up for it in the coming weeks. Christmas mailers times two. Oh, what movie? It makes all the difference.

amyc said...

Love your photos from MI! Had lots of fun with you at dinner. Thanks again for the thoughtful gift card! I want to hear how the party went this weekend.

April said...

hope you had a great time! and, i'm cool with the no-pic post. sometimes it's nice (and sweet!) but don't make it habit, i'd miss your pictures!!

Anna Ruth said...

You are on the ball. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Kelly said...

A post without pictures.


(crickets chirping)

Jenny B said...

I adore you.

The Manrings said...

how fun...decorating the christmas tree is one of my most favorite things...doesn't get any more festive than christmas music and brownies baking and ornaments everywhere. love it! now you'll have to post a picture or two of your tree when its done! xo