Friday, June 12, 2009


the time has come for us to start getting ready for our annual summer trip to michigan!!!! while it is fun and is a lot of work to prepare the house and ourselves for the trip. this year, kelle and i are road-tripping it to michigan. we are taking three days to get home, making fun stops in macon, georgia and tennessee!!! kelle has a ton of ideas to make our trip even more memorable. i won't bore you with the details...tonight...i'll save it all for kelle and heidi's (and kiddies) roadtrip series blogposts!!!

around this time of year, i get a tad sad that i am leaving home. as much as i love going home to our families...i always miss home.

we will be gone for two months. we will have tons of fun, take many trips, have family dinners around a table with people we don't get to see very often. it will be lovely, making it hard to return home at the end of august. i guess i just hate saying goodbye.

every year around this time, i pack as much as i can into a two week period...trying to fit in playdates, girl's nights out (or in), coffee in the morning with friends who have off for the summer...

it goes on and on, and I LOVE IT! however, i have finally met the point where i need to hole up and sleep for a while...ha. i'm sure that can't happen. i am so excited for this summer and for all the memories we will make. my kids are sooooo excited to get to michigan and see sito and gido, papa and nona, g-pa and g-ma, auntie hi-o, auntie elaina, and baby evie too. i can't wait to see all the lovin' from my sisters and brother to my little babies. they will eat it up...glow, and feel super special. okay, i'm not sure why i said glow. hahaha. i'm so tired. anyway, this is what was on my mind and without proofreading it and checking for errors...i'm posting.

here are a few pics that daddy will enjoy. he is in michigan and has been for about two weeks so we know he will enjoy. we love and miss you jeff.
beckham not into getting his pic taken anymore...what's up with that anyway?
i bribed him with m&m's for this one
(trying out my new lens too)
i love this picture of my little baby boy...he is just the happiest little guy...apart from his new favorite pastime...temper tantrums!
while daddy has been away...we started a new tradition...sparklers in the pool each night before bed!!!
my baby girl graduated pre-k3 last week...
peyton, grace, zach, beckham, and other friends dancing at the end of the year school party. she was having so much fun. i wanted to bottle her happiness was darling.
peyton mae...
we are soooo very proud of you. you are such a big girl!!!! you have grown so much in the last year and we love you so much. you make us happy every single day...every single day you make me smile and say a little prayer thanking god that you are our little one.
i love how you care so much about others, how you are learning to help a friend that needs it, and how you are using your words to tell other's how you feel. i love how you are so protective of your little brother and how much he loves you for it.
we know there is so much to look forward to this summer, but most of all it will be watching you and your baby brother loving on each other (most of the time:) ) and having fun with family.
g'night. i'm off to bed!


wylie said...

I love the black and whites in the pool! Those fun little traditions are going to be things they fondly remember of childhood. Road trips to Michigan, sparklers in the pool, dancing around with friends... priceless :)

Kelle said...

so your blog post title sums up my life. Ha. I cannot WAIT for our trip...and these pics are just beauts!

Anna Ruth said...

What great pictures. The new lens is amazing.

trishakent23 said...

awesome pics heidi! love, i'm gona miss you so much. enjoy your road trip and your time in michigan. already can't wait for you to come back and hang out with us!

Heather Polleti said...

ok...I'm cryig now....thanks.... so sweet. Peyton does look like she just won a trip to Willy Wonkas's

Kelly said...

Incredible pictures!!! Holy talented batman!! Keep rocking and rollin' Heidi like you always do!!

(still thinking about Beck's neck nuzzling-yum!)