Thursday, June 4, 2009

catching up, gardening, and a little brunch...

i think this is the longest i have gone without blogging...maybe not, but it has been a while. i simply can not believe how busy we are during the days and how tired i am at night. i think my next year of age is creeping up on me...slowly like a thief in the night.

however, truth-be-told, i love to sleep. LOVE. TO. SLEEP. growing up i would relish sleeping in on the weekends, and i when say sleeping in, i am talking about the old school kind. you know the kind of sleeping in you did before you had your own house, kids, tons of responsibilities. yeah man...i would sleep until 11 or noon even. my mom would eventually come in, raise the shades, and say..."you're wasting the day. you're sleeping it away. get up!"

i have to say...i have never EVER felt guilty about sleeping in or 'sleeping the day away!' nevvva!!!!!!

and i guess my age has me appreciating new components of the getting-into-bed ritual because i truly love and savor crisp clean, downy smelling sheets...fresh and cool and scrumptious. i bury my face in my pillow and smile from ear to ear. when jeff sees me...he knows the face. he gets all happy and tells me how happy i look. is it weird that i get that happy bout sleeping?? i bet it's even more strange that i am blogging about it. i guess i just want my kids to know how sleep-loving their mama is when they are old enough to read this for themselves. maybe the next post i will talk about how i NEED to have my fan on full-blast when i sleep:) moving on...

peyton and beckham love to garden. i hear it a few times a week at least. "mama, can we plant a garden?"

we did it last year and it worked out okay. we planted about $25 worth of flowers that peyton chose from the array of blooms. only 'bout $5 made it...grew, flourished, but we'll take it. so, we did it again this year. this time beckham was old enough to get more involved. he wanted to help plant peyton's garden! it started to rain as we headed out, but it didn't stop us, it only made it more fun...for the kids!



notice the ONE boot. peyton's old boot no less:) he cracks me up. he really, really wants some cowboy boots and when he couldn't find any that fit him he decided the girly fuzzy boot would work just fine:)



peyton takes her garden very seriously. seriously though...she does.



...the wildflower seeds...


you can't hear it, but peyton was singing to herself while dusting the

seeds into every square inch of her garden.


watering time!!


peyton's flower garden!

later that day when jeff pulled in from work, she raced out of the front door, grabbed him by the hand and nearly dragged him to see her garden. "daddy, daddy...look at my garden. i let beckham help too. are you happy that i let beckham help too, daddy?"

i love these kids so much.

in between fighting sickness and daddy going to michigan, and us packing for our
ROAD TRIP...hellllo, i/we (jeff helped lots) hosted a summer brunch...


little vintage flower seed packets...looked like little pieces of art. i want to take each one and do something special with it.


...and it was so much fun to see so many of my friends in the same room together drinking coffee, sipping mimosa, noshing quishe and chocolate filled croissants. laughing, excitement looming because of the impending summer break. it was fabulous. i have many more pictures, but these are the beauties that kelle sent me. thank you:) will post more in a few days.


after stepping on one of the kids toys, my foot felt like it had been ripped in half therefore, causing me to scream out in pain (i'm kinda a baby in that way tho). peyton rushes to my side with an ice pack. she literally ran to the freezer and back to the bathroom in record time and with conviction and a nurturing little heart.
she says, "mama, am i a doctor (said with an extremely serious face)?

before i could answer, she says, "nooooo, i'm not a doctor, mommy. (in a tone that would suggest that i had actually called her a doctor in the first place) i'm just kid. you are so silly mama!" :)


April said...

welcome back. i just love new posts. something else i'm loving? your dinning room! yellow walls, lovely chandelier, awesome chairs and delicious linens. i love decorating, surrounding myself with beauties.

happy june!

amyc said...

I love all your pic's! especially the ones where you can actually see the drops of water coming out of the watering can. Love the piano music, too!

Kelly said...

I drove by the other day and noticed these flowers! They're so dainty and pretty!

Love those stories!

Tell Peyton I'm ready for a cartwheel contest anyday she's ready!

Kelly said...

ps there is nothing better than sleep! good for the soul!

lol hard on the umbrella hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Ruth said...

I've been wanting to see some more of your beautiful pictures. I love the gardening pictures of the kids. So sweet.

trishakent23 said...

hey girl...those pics of peyton and beckham planting flowers were just precious. your words made me smile and laugh. you are such a good mommy. your brunch rocked! the best ever. you rock...girlfriend.

Heather Polleti said...

I CANT WAIT to get my hands on those little angels. The gargen is adorable!!