Thursday, June 18, 2009

good ole rocky top.

road trip day 2.

our day started with early morning visits from lainey...
i think the kids are really getting into hotel living. i love seeing peyton care for and love on little ones younger than her...and lainey eats it up too!
we leisurely took out time getting ready to start the day. the kids jumped from one queen bed to the other until i had visions of bloody heads and an er that was the end of that. we knew we wanted to have breakfast at cracker barrel...because before this trip, cracker barrel seemed like a really special place to have breakfast. we don't live very near one at home so it was exciting to start the day with something not so familiar. however, as the last two states would have it...cracker barrel has grown to about two establishments per exit (not really, but just about). crazy.
the morning
started out
pretty rough.
this is where my memory gets a little fuzzy...
i ordered
we waited...
beckham had a fit over something...not sure what now.
needless to say, i sat in the truck with one of my two kids for most of breakfast. i quickly journaled in our road trip journal something like...
please god, give me the strength to get through this moment. i'm hungry, hot, tired, and it's only 30 minutes into our day. basically, i had a mommy meltdown on paper. it was fab.
after things settled down and i returned back to the table we talked about what the plan was. it is sooooo nice not to have to watch the clock, be somewhere...
we do what we want, when we want it. we create our own path, set our own road trip destiny, stop for ice cream, shopping, lunch wheneva we want. truly, it is the only way to road trip. we are convinced of it!!!!
look what i found at cb...old time cracker jack boxes. memories.
and...we were on the road again...moving towards
honking, taking video, snappin' pics, and celebrating like it was new years in june we drove by the welcome sign. we made it to tennessee!!!!
kelle is a true photog, reminding me to quickly snap pics of the beautiful skyline. it is much prettier and impressive than this though.
i wish i could bottle up the energy from our trip and send it your way. we are truly having the BEST time ever. we sit and talk for hours...we make up stories just to get a reaction from one another...because what else can you do after sitting in a car 7 hours. we laugh, we try to get the kids involved, we ignore the cries at times and giggle all the chaos away, we take pics, and tons of video, and make commercials and much more.
everyone should do this and i am serious when i say that this in one of the best vacations i have ever had. yes, at times, it can be tough with the kids, but mostly they just love it. they love to see what we are doing next...they have all but given up hope on ever getting to michigan-that makes things easier:)
i loved watching peyton and beckham comfortably walk into our second hotel room this trip, and react so differently from yesterday. they weren't afraid...they were excited to get ice, find the bathroom, and jump on the beds. yesterday peyton said, "mommy, our room even has a dinner table!!!!! but there is no dinner on it."
i just love seeing how they react to the things we take for granted.
angel baby...never makes a peep.
i can not imagine having more fun with anyone else on a road trip. we seem to love and appreciate the same things, so stopping to scout out fields for photo shoots or making a stop for jam or a spoon seems so natural and something we just HAVE to do. it's just all fun.
after we crossed the state line, we stopped at a little scenic welcome center nestled on a hill wrapped in lush is soooo pretty here. we looked around, shared an ice cream sandwich and hit the road again.
we have plans to visit Kentucky tomorrow.
i have so much more to say, but i am so tired.
some videos from our trip...they are really short snippets of the fun we are having!
oh hailed big pebbles of ice were crashing into our car...i'm not sure if this trip can get any more adventurous for us moms and babies.

mommy freakin' peyton out...LOL

and this one

and kelle needs a dentist here

a taste of our cracker barrel tantrum this morning

hailin' here


fried chicken

sally mae

happy travelers


Kelle said...

Laughing hard at this Tennessee music you have. Love it. And laughing harder at the bribe picture. Was that when my head spun around and green fire came out? Dude...this trip is awesome...but then I read these posts and I realize that awesome just blew fireworks and became awesomer. Shall we make it awesomEST today? I say we shall. Onward, Road Trip Buddy.

Kelle said...

and p.s. That picture of Peyteymaes holding Lainey's hand and leading her through the aisles of Cracker Barrel? Oh, Heidi! Precious! xoxo

Tisha said...

loving reading your daily travel journal! your photography is just amazing! have fun today!!!

Anna Ruth said...

I can't wait to get updates! Love the music and pictures.

April said...

how fun! seriously, i'm jealous. as i was driving to work this morning, you know, same ole, same ole, i thought about you and kelle having the time of your lives on your road trip. you two (and your littles) are just awesome!

and what's awaiting each of you? pure michigan! i, too, love mi and get all teary-eyed everytime i hear a commercial on the radio!

our mi trip awaits us, but not for another month ... hopefully, summer will finally be here by then!

fun & safe travels ...

Barb said...

You guys are making me PEE in my pants right now. Thanks, I needed that. Not the pee part really, but...the silly factor..You guys RULE!!!!!

Stephanie said...

OH MY FUN! Love the fact that the two of you got to do this! The kiddos look like they are having so much fun, too! The pics that you & Kelle have taken are dynamite! And the videos...ummmm, FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!

FUN, FUN, FUN! Enjoy the rest of your road trip! :)

aflam toreksh said...

think you my firend