Saturday, June 20, 2009

home away from home.

we made it through ohio and onto michigan, and although i don't have many pictures to share (i forgot to charge my camera battery) but tha'ts okay...i know this trip has been well documented.
it was a little sad dropping kelle and lainey with her dad, as that marked the end of roadtrip 2009 but i knew we had family anxiously awating our arrival, so secured my hat, turned up the radio and listened to more fried chicken and headed north to see daddy, sito, and auntie hi-o!
here are a few pics i snapped in a small town in michigan...or maybe ohio!
kelle said this house is called a painted lady...i love it's charm.
hello...i really want to live in a small town that has a mill. could get over how sweet these streets were. i was looking for kids with lemonade stands and a handpainted sign that said free lemonade and homemade was that kind of quaint little place.
a page from out roadtrip journal...random little thoughts...
a big shoutout to lainey for being the BEST traveler ever. she amazed me and i can't stop talking about it. this little one never made a peep in the car. don't think she cried once, and tried to make her buddy, beckham feel better when he was upset by sharing her snacks with him.
we love you lainey bug.
(a little scaredy in this pic bc her mama was honking the horn...lainey wasn't into it.)
and most improved traveler award goes to...
peyton mae!!! she really pulled it together for our last day.
and my bubby's did well too! he was happy as long as he had a different snack and new movie to watch.
and kelle...
you crack me up.
love ya.
once home...
we had to quickly get dressed and go to celebrate my dad. he is retiring next week after more than 30 years of hardwork. we are so proud of him and he is so deserving of a night dedicated to making him feel good. what a huge accomplishment. my dad IS the hardest working man that i personally know...i'm so happy that after wednesday he can relax and just enjoy his clean slate of a day.
we spent the night with all of our family at a party, my sister, heather, planned for him. it was lovely having my whole family in one room together! very special.
look at my little neice...evie!!!
i couldn't wait to get my hands on her. she's such a little happy peanut...
will post more pics later!


Stephanie said...

Glad you made it home safely! Pics and captions of your road trip have been fabulous! There is nothing better than glad you are with yours! Enjoy the summer and time up there with everyone! :)

Kelle said...

oh, evie! are you kidding? she is a PIXIE!! What a little sprite! She looks like a little fairybug! So sad the trip is over but can't wait to see you tonight...GET OVER HERE NOW! We're going to goodwill and oldtown today!

rik said...

How wonderful to see your arrival, safe and happy! Have loved your chronicle of the journey...still now sure about the photo of our Lord in the pool appearing like he needs help or something...He walked on water, so the image of him needing a heavenly lifeguard is a bit disturbing...what were they thinking??? just sayin.

April said...

the last couple of posts have been wonderful. i'm kinda sad your trip is over, too!

enjoy michigan, though, as i'm sure you will...

Heidi said... are so right, rik, about jesus...that pic is kind of made me laugh though!!!!

trishakent23 said...

awesome recap girlfriend! love the pics and so happy you made it safely. enjoy your family. miss you.