Wednesday, June 17, 2009

georgia on my mind.

today marked the first day of our road trip. first stop...georgia! i think we are in perry, georgia. south of atlanta.


it started out with my and kids and i sleeping through my alarm, making me over an hour late picking up my fellow road tripper and baby. oops. but we made it. we decorated the m-van, strapped in the kids, and headed mc donald's off of immokalee road. okay, we didn't get very far and i lost a little excitement after the first few, "where are we going?, I want to go to michigan!" " how much further"

me: peyton, we are going to michigan. this is the road trip we have been planning. the day has come...wooohooo (insert vicky from housewives)!!!!!

beckham: mommy, i want to go on a road trip.

mommy: we are on a road trip. yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! we're road tripping...wooohooooo!!!!!!!

peyton: but this is a long time (it had been 5 minutes...AT THE MOST!)

more questions. more moans from the back seat.

holy crap..what did we get ourselves into??????????

it wasn't until the manager and employees at the mickey d's laughing, and smiling and being so sincery in thier well wishes for a safe and exciting trip. it was amazing. faith was restored...all the excitment was back and i knew we were doing the right thing...going on an adventure!!!! i love how happy-for-you-people can make all the difference sometimes. what a sweet way to begin our trip. i was excited to see other people react to our dec'd our mini-van. we ate the attention up, so did the kids!!!!!!

our kids did WONDERFULLY. they were troopers. we stopped at cracker barrel...i love that place. it is tradition in my family that on all trips, we stop by cracker barrel. there is something so comforting by the sight of all the rocking chairs, large and baby small leading into the store. after the kids had a who-can-rock-the-fastest-contest we entered the store while being welcomed by the familiar smell of turkey sausage and cinnamon.

and the kids, anxiously searching for the perfect toy or treat to take back into the car. maybe something keep the kids occupied and quiet for a few minutes.

peyton and beckham found some lovely toys...


lovely microphones that make the kids voices sound robotic and loud at the same time. so lovely they are in the hotel room trash right now! kelle's poor little pregnant head will thank me tomorrow!!!!

off we headed to ...shoot, i can't remember, but i know we had lunch. the kids ran around for a minute, had milkshakes and fries and headed back to the open road. our car hugged i-75 north for hours and hours. we answered, "are we there yet?" questions from the kids (my kids) while kelle and i answered questions from the 'if' book-funny thing is that we know what each will answer before we do...that was pretty funny! we laughed, almost cried (maybe we can get some real tears tomorrow...cause that's the way we roll), we dreamt about a little baby that will be here just after christmas and hopefully before february...names and nursery chats...very sweet!!!! we watched our kids play, share, love on each other too (mostly loves:).


we talked about what we would do if we won the lottery...what would we buy first, who we would surprise. new house and decor for kelle's mom, and a new cherry red f-150 for my grandma...cause that's the way she wants to roll!!!!

i think we stopped at what body part we would be willing to sacrifice??? tiredly laughing right about now. we didn't finish answering that one, but i will get back to you tomorrow.

mostly, we are just having fun! wearing our hats, jotting things down in our road trip journal (kelle made it!)!!! i am pretty sure the first entry was a horse and her baby running just about side by side at top speeds within a fence off of i-75. it was BEAUTIFUL! i was looking for the unicorns next.


finally, kelle stopped the car at some magnolia plantation. sounds cool, right? well, we learned that 'plantation' meant gas station and a bunch of people hangin' out in the parking lot. AND...


the sweetest moccasin booties i have ever seen. we walked in fully intending on coveting some peach butter and a georgian spoon (to collect for our kids...cause our grandma's did it and we think it's pretty cool. to be honest i wouldn't have thought of it...but i have dna enhanced kelle with me and she has a way of making every little thing seem so special and meaningful-love u kells), in addition we swooned over homemade booties for the girls and then figured..."what about the mama's?" the girls rocked their new booties...and so did we!!! we were on a shoe high for atleast an hour. no lie here! (i actually placed my dusty brown gems on the dash of my car so i could admire them until we stopped!!!!!


on the road again...

today wasn't all rainbows and unicorns...but it was pretty close, because i can't remember all the whining, and repeated questions...i mostly remember how happy the kids were when we gave the dairy queen ice cream cones to eat in the car and how kelle and i laughed instead of cried when we could have.

we ended the day at a very clean, highly rated bed bugs for us. the kids went swimming, kelle took some photos, and then we ate dinner.

right now, the kid are tucked away in bed and i am thrilled to have free wi-fi, a cold water, a sleeping peyton girl who tests me everyday but just wants to cuddle with her mama at night, and a tv. HELLO!!!!! the real housewives finale was on tonight while i was such a great day. the stuff unforgettable memories are made of. and the housewives are crazy! jusy sayin'.


more to come of kelle and heidi's road trip adventures!

see kelle's blog for more on our travels!!!!

jeff...the kids and i are soooo excited to see you. they keep asking about you!


Rayna said...

Yep, very jealous of your road trip. One day I tell myself. The memories you will all have, and making lemonade out of lemons that most of us would stress about. Enjoy it, have fun, and be safe.

Kelly said...


I'll have what she's having!!

Anna Ruth said...

What a great trip filled with memories you are creating. Enjoy every day.

jennygirl said...

OK...seriously LOL on the "Mommy, I wanna go on a road trip" comments, as they sallied down the road...too funny!!

Love the moccasins!!

Have fun and be safe!