Thursday, August 28, 2008


"mommy, can i may please have chocolate?" (gotta love those manners though)

"no, sweetheart. We need to eat dinner before anymore treats."

"(sigh) PLEEEZE mommy!!!!"

"peyton, no means no, so NO!"

"well, yes means yes!!!"

me- (suppressing a laugh and staring at my daughter in disbelief that she so bright and like a sponge and witty) "yes,'re right! Yes does mean yes, but i said no. end of story!"

then we both started laughing and she gave me a hug! i love her so much., i did not give in on the candy. Yay for me!


Heather Polleti said...

SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Your so lucky :)

cjs said...

heidi, you are so kind.

thank you.