Saturday, August 9, 2008

things to be happy about in the last week...

peyton following her cousin tony around all week, while he rolled his eyes and tried to get away. so cute to watch. Look at the expression on his face...he is thinking and said many times, "Leave me alone, Peyton!"

this little face of perfection.
tired babies wanting mommy at the same time.
sibling smoochies.
peyton playing Capture the Flag with the 'big kids' and loving it!
watching becks splash through puddles and seeing the sheer
joy on his face over somthing so simple.
capturing peyton's sweet heart over and over again.
auntie elaina loving my kids.
beck's saying, "Again, slide, daddy!!!"
this smiling face....evie!
uncle peter loving on my kiddies.
this small bottle of magic...some people say it doesn't work, but i am a true believer.
evie calm and peaceful after a dose of baby beano...hehe! Mylicon.
peyton and becks playing a game of musical chairs while jeff coached them on how to get a chair faster than all the other kids...soooo funny.
i loved our family vacations this year! It was a special time where lots of memories were made.
I can't believe it, but we are about to return to Florida!!! Happy and sad at the same time. However, feeling mostly lucky that we got to split our time between two places this summer.
Just a little side note: went into Barnes and Noble yesterday. Guess what i saw there...
Books about FALL...yes
Books about pumpkins...yes
Books about the coming festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing...Christmas time is coming fast.
I LOVE the coming seasons. I mean, I truly LOVE and enjoy them to the fullest. I can't wait! So before i get WAY ahead of myself with tales and plans of special pumpkin carvings, special traditions ( I'm a traditions kind of gal) and costume searching, special stocking finds...I will end it here with the knowledge that something special is when you are looking forward to vacation...the excitement that comes with that, an undercurrent of excitement officially starts with the beginning of fall-you know that feeling:)


Kelle said...

funny you should say that, cuz at this moment my yankee "autumn harvest" tart is burning. and i'm dreaming of a michigan fall. come on back! (and can you bring evie with you? i'll take her!)

Rayna said...

Kelle said it all, there is nothing like a Michigan fall. I cannot believe it's right around the corner. You look like you're having so much fun, but WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME?

Samantha said...

What great pictures!! I love the on of Jeff coaching the kids. I could so picture that. I am so happy you are coming home but I know how hard it is also. We will all be here for you though!

Steph C said...

Great pictures and great posts you always do:) Miss you and happy you are coming home soon. Your niece is beautiful. Motherhood is amazing but I don't get around to doing much besides take care of my angel. I look forward to fall and everything else because now I have Skye to share it with. Can't wait for you to come home to meet this angel:) hugs