Friday, August 22, 2008


annette and i-friends since 2nd grade. (Ang too...Net's twin sis)

LOVE this lake love. picture sunsets and bbqs right here with fam and friends.

midnight snack circle...hee hee
annette's first time taking the boat out without hubby. net just started her own blog too...

you can check it out at
we are home! loving that! sorry to say goodbye to family and friends, but thankful to have had such a wonderful of the best summers EVER! one of the last things we did was visit my friend, Annette's lake house, for an impromptu girl and kiddies sleepover!!! so fun. so memorable. so filling.

charming lake house...check

4 blue walls...check

cute kids...check

pontoon boat tubing...check

inside jokes between the oldest of friends...check

uncontrollable laughter...check

bonfire (courtesy of dawn)...check

cooler full of refreshments...check

relaxing on the boat







dawn and peyton tubing...peyton was soooo super excited!!!



i don't like beer. haven't for many years, but i have been trying bc the cost for beer is less expensive than new favorite beer is...Berry Weiss...soooo good really cold.


becks and i went outside in the morning, before the othere kids got up...


so in love with this boy!

pajama princesses and bedtime bandits-missing a few, but here are most of the kids before bed!!!

to keep this from being the longest post ever...i will stop here. Thank you Annette for having us at your cottage. love you.
(not sure why the original post is half way down???)


Kelle said...

oh, that cottage is amazing. it's beautiful. how privileged you must have felt to be a part of that! And all those kids are beautiful! Love the Jason Mraz song too. His voice is like butter!

Heather Polleti said...

i love the pics...I'm so sad i wasnt there with all our girls!! I miss you and love you! and the babie :(

Samantha said...

Love, love, love that picture with all the kids together!! I have never been to Michigan but you capture the pictures and moments perfectly. I felt like I want to move up there and buy a cottage. I am glad you're home!

Rayna said...

So glad to have you back. Missed you and can't wait to get together.

Annette said...

Heidi the pictures are amazing I can not wait to order them of snapfish! Thank goodness the paprazzi never stopped snapping- you are the best! We loved having you and can not wait to do it again!
Love ya and Miss you!

Steph C said...

That cottage is awesome and looks like you had a blast how fun! I would love to do something like that! What great friends and all the children are adorable too! Love the last picture! So happy to have you home though! love ya

cjs said...

your pictures are intoxicating.

I'm feeling so jealous of your summer! you've captured a michigan summer so perfectly (looking down at the comments and sam just said the same thing! I'm not copying, really!)