Monday, September 1, 2008


i snuck upon peyton one day, when to my surprise she was dancing for herself in the mirror. not only practicing new moves, but new and super cute facial expressions. i couldn't help but gasp when i saw her happily dancing with determination while checking out her sparkled face paint.

i love that at any moment i can walk into a room, and have a surprise waiting for me like this. with peyton and becks, life is NEVER boring. sometimes you get black sharpie drawn walls (most of you remember that episode) and then other times you see a dancing princess entertaining herself in the mirror.



Kelly said...

OMG! I have a post coming up called "Mirror Mirror On the Wall"!! NO JOKE! PYY!! OMG!! That is crazy adorable!!

Kelle said...

that's hilarious! she is so into herself...i would be too if i was that cute!

Heidi said...

haha...last week three of us had postings called-Thankful. we're synced up!!!! what is PYY?