Friday, October 16, 2009

i'm here!

you know when you have a sink full of dishes, ten loads of laundry cluttering each corner of the house, last nights spaghetti sauce crusting itself on the shiny part of your stove top, kids screaming, the shower is SCREAMING your name, floors are crying for a mop, and your house looks like fao schwartz from all the toys strewn about???

you look around and just can not decide where to start and in my case and experience...i, will a.) will look around and make a mental plan (okay, heidi start with the area that a guest may have to bear witness to should they decide to drop by- love people dropping by by the way even if my house does look like grey gardens). b.) call a friend who i know would happily and without a drop of guilt leave her own mess and join me for a target trip or a starbucks (i'm not mentioning any names here!) or c.) take the kids to the park, do a craft, go take some pictures cause lord knows girlfriend will find any number of things to do before doing what she should. that's me.

anyway, the purpose of this post is to give lame excuses as to why i haven't blogged and i thought if i just did one little post...without pictures...just a few lines about what is going would break the ice, open the door, make the task a little less daunting. so here i am. much like my dishes...tons to do, but if i just do the big pans and soak the others till tonight...i did get something done. i can leave the house knowing i made a difference in my mess and i will surely finish it later "when i get home!"

after all, i am so one of those people that think the opposite of, "why put it off for tomorrow, if i can do it today?" is that it...maybe not but i think it's close. heidi's new motto..."why do today what i can put off for tomorrow?"

(k, now's your chance-turn away:)

the sun is out. we are in michigan and it is fall. beautifully crisp and cold and the the air smells like the only thing it does smell like in michigan in the fall caramelly, waxxy, sweet, yummy leaves. and they crinkle when you walk on them. they sound delicious and it takes me home.

we are bundling up as this is the coldest i remember october being here in a long time. i hear lots of complaints, but i am adoring this weather. we layer and layer our clothes, we slide on our uggs, brace ourselves for the cold and make an almost daily trip the apple orchard...cause that's what i do in the fall...drink hot apple cider and eat sugared donuts. we chase the bees away and feed the ducks. the kids squeal with delight and eat themselves sick.

i remember what it was like to be a kid when our parents would take us to the real deal cider mills and we would anxiously watch as big hot bins of oil cooked and crisped up our homemade donuts. i seriously could go on and on, but i won't because i am sure that since i opened the flood gates...i will post about pumpkin patches and apple butter on my next rant.

on the next post, i will post a few pictures from the photography workshop i attended last week in grand rapids, mi. OH MY was the most fun and i learned so much and was so inspired by the beautiful work of amy wenzel. she is a wonderful person and i can't not say enough about her generosity and relentless talent. amazing.

i will so talk her up next and post some of the photos i took at the workshop of all the beautiful models, the people i met,and how we didn't stop talking shop the whole we were there and how i loved it all.

wish i could post a pic...but i am still learning this mac thing, so i will post some later...i hope.




Kelle said...

um...hello? you got me all excited and then no pics. deliver. :o) kidding because if there's one thing girlfriend knows, it's the pressure of editing and getting pics up. i'm sitting here, willing off the flu because i think i'm getting sick...but completely redeemed by the fact you are up there, learning, having fun, in the fall...eating apples. i'm okay with it (i hate you.) no, really, i'm fine. :o) take an orchard walk for me, kick some leaves...and enjoy yourself because you've been so deserve this trip! but come home soon. gray gardens misses you much.

April said...

it was good to 'hear from you.' i just got back from michigan and was feeling the same way about my blog, my birthday post was just hanging there. really, i know what you're feeling!

and grand rapids? i drove through last friday and again on monday! my sister-in-law lives there in that great city.

enjoy, heidi...

Kelly Hutcheson said...
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Kelly Hutcheson said...

Oooo, the post was removed by the author...hey, that's me! (pointing to self)

This is what I had, but there was a few typos...didn't want you think there was trouble in comment-land :)

Sometimes short and sweet posts are the best way to rip off the delayed posting predicament!
Being in FL since age 2 never allowed me to know or really experience fall, but feel like I do through the eyes of all you michigan'ers who bring it to life making me crave crunchy leaves, red apples and hooded sweatshirts while watching football! Instead we have sunburnt grass, rotten apples with worms and sweaty thighs during footballs games. Guess it's better to not know what I'm missing! ha

Anna Ruth said...

Today is rainy and it is feeling like fall. I do have the October blues. Heading to NC in two weeks, can't wait.

The Manrings said...

okay so i LOVE your blog header. your photography is taking off!! hope you are enjoying all that cold, fall wonderful. your photography workshop sounds like a blast too. all this talk about apple cider and chilly air makes me want some!!!!!!!! miss ya! xo