Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i could go on and on about how much i love being here in michigan in the fall...but that may be a little redundant seeing as i think i have written it four hundred thousand times. but...i just have to say that this trip home has to be one of the most fun to date i have ever had here.

family time, the weather, the time we have, the shoots, and all the learning i have been able to do in the last 8 days has been a true blessing and i am grateful. so grateful. i think i mentioned before that i attended a workshop for few days in grand rapids, mi at the very beginning of this trip...holla!!! AMAZING! i really have wanted to write, reflect, and give lots of amy wenzel lovin' up here on my blog, but i have been eternally busy this entire week, so that rockstar post will have to wait until next week:(

however, i do have lots to share and the first thing is...

we love michigan in the fall.

lol, just kidding, however here are some photos from our last visit to the apple orchard. we go just about everyday, so i just chose a few and here they are...

we go leave hunting...

we try to get beckham to smile for the camera...
we eat lots of sugared and spiced up donuts...
we ask mommy to take pictures of our heads in painted pieces of wood...

we find worms...

we try to kill the worm...
we talk about how baby girl is turning five we talk about how mommy loves that she is
getting bigger and is so independant, but how she wants her baby to be her baby forever.
happy 5th birthday, peyton mae!! we love you forever.

i had to ease in on that one, more on this big event later!

other things keeping me happily busy is my photography. i am having a blast and loving doing it more
more with each passing photoshoot.

with that said, i was asked to photograph trenton!!! an adorable little boy who loves his mommy so.
he loves her so much, he along with his grandma, and auntie are surprising his mommy with photos...
photos of trenton.

i had a wonderful time with him and with grandma barb!!! it was cold out, but he was a long
as we promised matchbox cars and playtime afterward


another family i had a chance to meet and have fun with is the fuerst family. they were so much fun and
such great was FREEZING the day we shot. the poor kiddies! they did so well and in the end it really
was a fun session.
michelle your so fun!!! thanks for making my job so easy!!!!



well, i am off to strategically place some balloons around the house for my peyton's birthday breakfast.

much love.


Kelle said...

happy birthday, peyton!!! five years ago today, i left skid marks (as in the tire kind, thank you) in pelican marsh parking lot leaving work like a bat outta hell to get to the hospital to see her! i'm so happy you are enjoying fall, and vicariously sharing it with you makes me happy! the new pics are beautiful. can't wait for more.

Tammy B said...

Happy Birthday Peyton! 5yrs is such the milestone. Looks like you guys are having a blast up in Michigan. But, we are getting all those fun colors here now - loving this fall season.

Jenn Bluestein said...

Happy Bday Peyton!! Pictures look great. You are doing great!! Soooo jealous you are up in the cool weather. We had a tease of it this weekend but it is about over.

April said...

birthdays, how fun! happy birthday to your baby girl!!

glad you're enjoying your stay up north.

and, fyi, those were baked apples on my blog (filled with brown sugar and butter.) you guessed it!