Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what i see behind me...

i do this once in a while and then i compare the differences.

first time beckham put the headphones on by himself...my big little guy!

sometimes i look in my rear view mirror and wonder if i will ever forget what i see today. i get sad knowing that what i see is fleeting. therefore i try to 'burn' the images into my brain...i really do do this.

what i see today are two babies (please note: i will 'milk the term babies referring to my kiddies as long as i can get away with it), young, innocent, beautiful, perfect, inquisitive, full of wonder. they constantly ask me questions about what they see. well, beckham just kind of points things out to me and repeats them over and over and over again until i repeat what he has just discovered out the window. usually it comes down to all the words he knows and then adds 'mama' at the end. such as; birdie mama, tay ya ya (airplane) mama, flowies mama!!!(most always said with excitement), (new word) sky mama, baba nilk (not milk), apple juice, french fries (blushing-yes, i feed my kids french fries...LOTS and LOTS of french fries).

mostly though, it is not what beckham says that i find incredibly cute and heart warming...it is what he does. WHENEVER i look back at him, he smiles. EVERY TIME! a-light-up-your-world-i-love-my-mommy-the-most kinda smile. surprised i haven't swerved off the road looking at his little mouth . I will then say, "I love you so much beckham!" bc i can't stop saying that to my kids and he will undoubtedly say, "Thank you, mama!" Sweet, cute, and very well-mannered.

peyton is just as sweet, but more in her own little, I'm-a-big-girl-now kinda world. Yes, it has started...a bit to early for me. she will laugh, start dancing in her seat where beckham will follow what she is doing with remarkable exactness (is that a word?). anyway, she is so funny. she tells us jokes, makes up words, has musical preferences...yes, I NOW have to share my ipod with her. we all take turns listening to songs that we like. Peyton is into Barbie Girl by aqua...although i don't LOVE the words. becks likes songs by the Black Eyed Peas. and if something strikes her fancy, she will exclaim at the top of her lungs..."OH MY RUCKS!" it is like, oh my goodness, but not. not sure where she gets this stuff from, but i love to hear her made up peyton terminology.




Kelly Hutcheson said...

I love the way they say things at B's age!! OMG! I can't imagine turning around and seeing Lily's face and hearing her point out things along the way!! Amazing!! Love this post! xoxo

Kelle said...

okay, laughing about peyton and "barbie girl" because, if i recall, it says "you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere." ha!
love this post and these pics!

Heidi said...

ha ha ha. i know it. it is a completely inappropriate song for her, but she loves it!!!! i keep hoping that she doesn't notice.

when she starts asking her friends to undress her, the song is OUT!!!

Heather Polleti said...

WHAT?!! Barbie is a "HIZZO" ?! I'm shocked!