Saturday, November 8, 2008

happy birthday baby boy!!!!

two years ago at right about this time, i was in labor with our second child one day before my due date! i was overwhelmed with emotion, super excited, nervous, scared, anxious,
you know- about to meet my baby for the first time!!!! no small potatoes.

jeff and i watched oprah in between contractions, chatted about last minute name ideas, hopes, peyton becoming a big sister, my pain level,.. "Please, give me anything, i need something. in Florida they give lots of drugs! Michigan doctors are so mean. STADOL PUH-LEEZE
(tears. lots of them, lots of begging. shameless begging.)!!"

tears didn't work, just as the epidural times 2 did not work!
"Okay, at least give me a graham cracker...I'm starving!!!" um, no!
okay, so this wasn't the soft, easy, melodic delivery i was expecting... UNTIL 6 pm on. the. dot. when they placed this little bundle of heaven in my arms for the first time...

Love at first sight! didn't think it was possible to love anyone as much as peyton...but it is!

purple beckham...still cute. doctor said it was bruising from delivery. poor little guy. i didn't even notice the color on him that day. i saw it for the first time in pictures.
all pain gone now. only happiness and lots of love.

i will NEVER forget this face on peyton. the moment she saw her mommy (a bit disheveled and with a...BABY on the bed with HER mommy. What is going on? I don't trust that purple thing? i imagine that is what she was thinking at the time.

with caution, she meets her baby brother for the first time! love this moment.

beginning of a love/like relationship:) mostly love.

getting to know the new guy.

beckham's going home get up!

4 days old...i just love this pic. he looks like a little bird.

happy 2nd birthday, Beckham!!!

we love you sweetheart. we cherish you every single moment.


i know it looks like i am announcing a new birth, but since i wasn't in blog land when he was born, i felt compelled to put it here. forever published, saved, and here to look back at whenever i choose:)


Kelly Hutcheson said...

OMG! Chills! I can't believe that was only 2 years ago! I can't remember life without B! Purple and all! What a love! He's so lucky to have parents that love him so much! xoxo

Kelle said...

Happy Birthday to the only Beckham cuter than David B himself! I loved reliving the story through your post and can't wait to feel that same feeling for a second baby someday! Aw...newborn pictures...they get me EVERY time! I heart newborns. Big time.

Heather Polleti said...

....i LOVE BECKHAM!! I cant believe he's 2!!! Still the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen!!