Saturday, April 4, 2009

missing and loving all at once.

my camera.
it's on the fritz...
going in and out of consciousness. kind of like the way my grandpa
used to while watching tv on the couch.
constantly bobbing his head back and forth,
and every once in a while he would open his eyes,
watch a few minutes of m.a.s.h or the news and then
back to sleep he would go.
my camera hasn't opened its 'eyes' in a few days
and i kind of feel like i'm missing a limb. it's not that i
am constantly snapping pictures...but i don't have the freedom
of grabbing my 'baby' and running after my kids to get take some photos,
make some art, capture a moment in time.
need to get it repaired but i let my warranty run out.
looking on the bright side of this, i decided to focus on the pictures
i already have saved in my computer, the ones that need to be scrapbooked,
or ordered and put into leather bound books for safekeeping...
guess what happened-
my computer memory ran out.
now i have a frozen computer about 90% of the time.
look at my little guy...who is now swimming on his own.
this pic is grainy, but i love his happy smile-
this is my little buddy just being his happy self.
he always has a smile on his face and we adore that about him.
peyton and beckham's buddies.
all growing up together, sharing organic o's,
and making each other laugh.
missin' my camera, but lovin' my babies so much, and
thanking my lucky stars tonight for my
healthy & happy little ones...
big sister and baby brother.
with love.
addendum: murphy's law says my camera will work perfectly the day after i post this to my blog, and of course it did. just in time for a couple of very important birthday parties!!!!
i knew it would be a great day when i saw an adult man dressed in FULL superman attire today marching on on pine ridge and airport holding a sign for $9.99 haircuts at hair cuttery! he was workin' that costume with a smile on his face with just a hint of
what-the-hell-i-am-i-doing-right-now?!?!. good for him,
afterall, he made my morning a bit brighter.
love days like today!!!


jennygirl said...

So sorry your camera is being "fritzy".

Not FAIR!!

But...good for YOU for focusing on the positive while it happens!!

Looooove that.


wylie said...

I love the smiles grainy smiles! Sorry about your camera... you have to keep the pictures coming though, blogland is going to be sad without them ;)

Leah said...

I just checked out your blog all they way back to the beginning of March! LOVE IT!! Great pics... you're really talented! You look really great too!! Hope all is well.


Leah said...

OH, and I love, love, love the "grainy" black and white picture. I would definitely frame that (8x10 in a black chunky frame) one!!

Steph C said...

So cute I love your post and the picture of Beck too cute! And of course the one with all the children:)