Sunday, March 29, 2009

a little blog love...

Photobucket has been a full year today that i started this blog. who knew how much a blog could change one's life? when i first decided to tiptoe into blog land, i thought i would post a few pictures, write a few lines captioning them. that's it. easy.
mostly at the beginning, my blog made me feel like i was creating something for myself, and most importantly for my children to look back on one day. i have never been really good about documenting in baby books, writing letters, and saving little keepsakes. basically, i felt guilty and extremely overwhelmed at trying to get it going. so i felt pride and satisfaction at having started what i like to now call my 'digital diary.' a diary that i will have bound and printed into a book. a keepsake to pass along to my children.
i never imagined that this simple blog could make such positive changes in my life. changes that have made me better in so many ways. i see things in way now that i never did before. i notice the little things. i see the beauty in simple, often overlooked details ofeveryday life and everyday.
in how i write my blog, i have chosen to share the things that make me happy, the things that make us a stronger family,me a better mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, role-model,...
at the end of each day or week, when i am deciding what to write, i think about what i want to remember-what i want my children to know about their mommy and daddy. i want them to know how much we adored and loved them. i want them to know about me. my likes, dislikes, what i hold important. i want them to see photographs of not only themselves, but their friends, family, and all the people in their lives that play an importan role because i truely believe that it 'takes a village.'
i love that at the end of the day (or week) when i think about what i want to share with all my blogging buddies and regardless of what kind of day or week i have had...the good, bad, and ugly,
i almost always choose the good stuff because that is the stuff i want to remember.
the stuff that makes me want to fall to my knees and thank god for giving me such a wonderful life with such wonderful and healthy kids. for giving me a husband that wants to spend time with his babies right after a long and tiring day in a stressful market-the kind of stressful that if i had to work in his line of work, would have me running home to a bottle of wine and my king size bed. the stuff that makes me thank my lucky stars for my family that is not near me, but who i still get to communicate with on the phone. the stuff that makes me grateful for true and genuine friends-friends that have become my family. the stuff that just plain makes me laugh, makes me happy, makes me want to be a better person, to set healthy
examples and feel empowered them.
i love my little space in blog land. i treasure it. i love adding to it. i love learning and being inspired by so many others. i love that when i need to, i can share hurts or concerns without ever having to pick up the phone and have a small but important support system that is here...for me and my family when i need them most.
today for me, was the perfect close to an out-of-sorts week. lots of good stuff today. good, good stuff. lots of laughter, a few happy tears, retail therapy, and lots and lots of dancing! yes, dancing... the out of breath, clumsy, booty-shakin' kind. the this-right-now-is makin'-all-things- better- kind of fun with. the healing kind!!!!!
and tonight as i was rocking my both of my babies to sleep about an hour past their bedtime...i lightly rested my head on beckham's fluffy little soft pillows for cheeks while peyton brushed her tiny fingers up and down my arm. i sang them the song i made up for them years ago. just as i thought both of them had fallen asleep beckham popped his sweet little head up, startling me a bit, and said,
"i want to dance, mama! PLEEESE!"
how did he know that his silly mama was a dancin' fool only this afternoon?!
so at ten o'clock at night...we danced. only for a minute, but it was fun and it made us all laugh.
i love giving them little gifts like that and then i like to think to myself that i am a pretty cool mom indeed.
so at the end of the is sweet and things are really, really good.
so with this little celebratory blog post coming to an end, i am off to finish watching the sex in the city movie. i realize that i need to find my box of extra soft kleenex, because this week has been a long and meaningful one, filled with ups and downs that have challenged my little tear ducts to turn into little overflowing baths of water... and i know my favorite part of the movie is coming up and i will quietly tear up while admiring the camera angles, the vivenne westwood wedding gown while listening to the violin and piano that will take turns tugging at my heartstrings...happens every time and i love it!
i can not wait to see what will be written on my blank canvas of the next year of this little ole blog.
happy anniversary to my
life is like a box of chocolates!!!!


Kelly said...

I came on here to post a comment about your Chicago trip post and what a sweet gem I found!

Happy Birthday you Beautiful Box of Chocolates!

I've seen a transformation in you since your blog began! A beautiful one!

Chills and tears of the one with Peyton riding her bike, arms up proudly and Beckham toddling behind! Blow that up into wallpaper for your house!

That collage of pics rocked out my little blogger buddy!

Anonymous said...

Well, since it's been a year I guess I will leave a comment. This blog is truly one of the greatest things I have ever encountered in my life! I would never be able to do it and even if I could I wouldn't. I appreciate it more than I have ever told you and I just want to thank you for it. It makes me smile everytime I look at it and that is not an exaggeration, every time! I can't wait to see the printed book. You really are amazing with that camera! Best damn $$$$$$ I ever spent.
I love you.

Kelle said...

okay, so jeff's comment made me cry. JEFF DARWISH!!! stop it! that was the sweetest ever. happy bloggiversary...i love how this has made you become a happier you. lol on the toilet seat cover. your family is the sweetest joy..and i love watching you love! xoxo

Heidi said...

holy...what the...jeff???? jeff who?

when kelle called to ask me if i knew that jeff had commented on MY BLOG-the above thoughts ran through my head.

tears, shock, and love for you jeff-i hope you come back to see this comment for you. thank you, baby. your comment means a lot to me.

love you.

Rayna said...

Happy Anniversary! I am coming up on my one year also. I love how we all are so honest and keep up with each other lives. My favorite pic is the one of Peyton and Beckham's shoes. So cute!

Heather Polleti said...

heidi I called you earlier to ask if you had paid jeff off to make such sweet comments. I then realized that JEFF ROCKS!! I luv your blog, luv you and LOVE pulling up the blog to see little tidbits of your life. I miss you!!

Nici said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dig this chick said...

Happy blog b day. It's always fun to look back a year...very satisfying I agree. And, yes, Jeff's comment is super sweet. Once I asked Andy if he read my blogs to which he said Babe, I live the blog.

ps sorry--deleted comment was me

Kelly said...

This is so exciting with all these comments!! I'm so touched for you Heidi! You deserve all this praise and happiness!

Dig commented too!! Awwww! You've reached blog bigness now!!

Jeff, your comment is/was amazing!!

(handing u 1 year blog trophy)

I love your little box of chocolates!! (no reference to server last night) rotflmao!!


Kelly said...

PS I thought there was big blog controversy when I saw the dramatic words (insert dramatic music) "This post has been removed by the author."

I was ready for the investigation, but Dig stole my thunder by confessing!! (handing her cuffs)

Steph C said...

Happy Anniversary! And how cute is Jeff. Love you Jeff! Great Hubby! You are fantastic at pictures he is so right! Pictures and words you have a talent girl. and it is great you use it. and you are happier and fun and a great friend love you:) xoxoxo

Kelly said...

You've taken your chocolate and poured it on top of strawberries with all these comments!!

Now, we have a party in the double digit world!!

Annette said...

Love your blog-- wish I had the time and energy to do this you are amazing!!!

jennygirl said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Like Kelly said, I too have seen a transformation in you over the past year. You seem happier, more content, reflective, and more at peace than ever. I'm sure the blog has something to do with that, but I also think it has much to do with just the person that you are...and are becoming. Like all of us around you! :)

Happy Birthday, LILABOC...make a wish and blow out the candles...

so glad you are here!!


PS Jeff's surprise comment is the icing on the birthday cake!!