Sunday, April 12, 2009

we love people.

we, jeff & i, sincerely love to have people around us! for one, if i plan something at the house, it means i will clean and de-clutter the house. clean out the fridge. finish the laundry. it forces me to do things like that. of course, i clean on a regular basis...however, having friends over gets the ball rolling if you know what i mean!

with the warmer weather we love to have bbq's, more pool party play dates, impromptu grilled hot dogs and beer with the ipod cranked up and listening to things like what is playing right now! AND the hope of many more to come with the summer months before we head off to michigan for an extended stay with family to start tackling our many 'family functions' that we adore. it's tradition and the kids love it!!!!!

here's to new friends, old friends...may we come together over a grill, a pool, baked spaghetti, a friend's surprise birthday party, homemade pineapple upside down cake, or a hundred little kids running around the house havin' fun and makin' noise. it doesn't matter to me as long as we do it!!!

lainey love
leah bug
i love these two people the most in this great big world.
they fill me up every single day and i love them even more for having caring, trusting,
sweet little hearts that are innocent and vulnerable and for the time being...all mine.
(okay, jeff's too)
catch phrase of this week in the darwish house:
"that's totally wicked!"


jennygirl said...

OK...not only is that a great post with awesome just pumped me up for the last day of spring break......that song simply forces me to tap my toes.

Thank you for being such a great rock! Oh, and we had your salad last night for dinner...delishhh.


Kelle said...

love this post...and these pics! funny...i was flipping through your camera the other day and when i saw that hair-blowin-in-the-wind pic of peyton, i thought to myself, "she better do somethin' with this one!" it's just the beginning, baby! more bbqs and pool days to come! This song makes me want to sit on the front of a big boat in a bikini with a big cowboy hat, drinkin' beer. I'm just sayin.

The Manrings said...

what a fun post...looks like the pool party was a blast. sorry we missed out! love it when lots of kids and babies are all playing together, so cute! here's to the summer months almost here!! xo

Kelly said...

I love that collage photo! These pictures are amazing! Especially the last two of your sweet little ones!! OMG!

I learn from you everytime you host a party! You're always so Martha Stewart, but relaxed about it! You've got skillz girl!

wylie said...

So cute Darwish! Thanks for including us, you are an amazing hostess and we had a blast! Next time we will bring our suits, I am in love with your pool, it is so inviting! I love the picture of Beckham jumping into the pool, he is so adorable!

Samantha said...

You're too cute. Thanks for including Baby 's'. Only two more weeks and then you will have to spend as much time with the baby before you leave for Michigan!