Wednesday, April 22, 2009


while enjoying some afternnoon cuddles with my girl...
peyton: mommy, did you plant me?
me: what?
peyton: did you plant me in the ground and grow me?
me: plant? like with soil, and sun, and water????
peyton: yes. did you go to the store and buy Peyton Mae seeds and plant me in the ground and then i grew bigger into a big girl like i am now? see!
boy did we laugh!!!! i love this girl so much.
taking a ride with her daddy in the car today...
peyton: daddy, do you remember when mommy didn't do the right lemons and she got in trouble with the police man?
daddy: yeah, honey. I remember!
peyton: that was not nice. mommy needs to do the the right lemons!
smart girl with a really good memory!!!!


Kelle said...

YOU DID IT!!! You did the eyes! You contrasted and lightened and rocked out the pics! Beautiful pics, Heidi! And I love what she said. Jeff told me about the lemons last night and I couldn't figure it out...ha! LIMITS! Precious.

Jenn Bluestein said...

awesome pics heidi. looks like somebody's camara is fixed :)

Kelly said...

Peyton is beautiful!! So is her mommy and her heart! Great shots!! I love the planting story! Those are classic stories!!

Anna Ruth said...

How sweet! The things our children ask us can be puzzling. You are a great mom. The eyes are beautiful.

April said...

Your family is gorgeous! So glad I got to meet you ...