Sunday, January 25, 2009

a few fish, a tea party, and girls night!

i am supposed to be doing stuff, like laundry. you know...the kids are sleeping, the house is quiet. it is the perfect time to get stuff done. kitchen is clean, but i could be sweeping the floors, cleaning out a closet, but i'm not doing any of those things. i'm cool with it.

instead, i sit here with lit candles, a movie, a glass of wine, a celery stick that i am trying to make believe is a chocolate truffle (not working so well), and my blog that i have been wanting to catch up with like a friend i haven't seen in a while bc we have both been busy working. i love how chilly it is outside and that i have to wear my fuzzy slippers to keep warm. it's not snowing outside my window, but i'm still comfy cozy in this crisp florida weather and i will enjoy every last degree, or lack of degrees, that is. maybe that doesn't make sense.

sitting here thinking about my goals...about how to reach them...make them happen because i am the author of this life. i am feeling fulfilled in so many areas of my life and yet there always seems to be that one thing i can't get a handle on. i won't bore anyone with the details, but i will get it done this year, starting NOW! i'm excited about being healthier, a good example to my children, and to empower myself.

we have done so many fun things since the holidays. it seems to never end now. it must be because our children are doing so much more now. our days seem to fill up more and more with something we have to do. always a fan of getting out of the house, seeing people, doing something; i realize more and more how much i love to be home. at home we have tea parties, we visit candy land, we act like cheetahs (peyton's new thing) or batman (beckham's new thing), we are learning to write our names, count,...i love it.

yeah, it's true, once in a while when jeff walks through the door from work, you would think someone told me sarah jessica parker has personally asked that i play her new best friend in the sex and the city movie sequel (yes, that is happening...not the b-fri part, but the sequel part), and needs me to meet her at nordstroms to try on the lastest Manolo's for the big 'welcome' to the cast' party. yes, i have been known to make dinner and run away from my house for a couple of hours on my own. i do it every once in a while. head to barnes & noble, a movie, grocery store. it recharges my battery and makes me ready to be a really good mommy the next day!

with that said, other things make me want to sing out loud in the car too (so to speak)...

afternoon tea and manicures with linnie and new sister-in-law to be!!!!
jenn and i take 5th avenue...
the laughing pictures make me crack up everytime i see them.
laugh out loud kinda fun with my super sweet and super fun friend.
watching jeff with our children and my friend's babies that we love so much.
lainey was lovin' uncle jeffy!
spending time with sister-friends and their little babies and big babies. ! lily was trying to get kell's beer...notice how she is pretending not to look at the beer. busted! i love jordan in this pic!
friends loving my babies!!!
impromptu family dance sessions ROCK!
and a few memories from the duck races...
becks wanted a pink and blue robot.
recharging, loving, making, doing is my thing right now. taking it one day at a time and enjoying each day more fully because of it.
movie plug: so not getting paid for this, BRIDE WARS is a must see. go see it. so funny. emotional. vera wang bridal gowns. weddings at the plaza. loved it. also, it has my new favorite song in it...dream by priscilla ahn-should be playing now on my blog. a little dark at the end, but the beginning makes me think of dressing up and playing house in a treehouse i never had. lol.
damn, forgot about the fish...this part is for my man. he rocks. he catches big fish!
this really is kinda cool tho:)
quality time with gramps, steve, and jeff!


Kelle said...

lily trying to grab the beer is hilarious! sneaky lil' punkin.
oh...and i KNOW you reach your goals. i know you will get it done. i believe it.
hmmm...and also lovin:
your fun night out with jen.
carin holdin' becks.
jeff's impressive fish (wowza!)
...oh, and your "glass" of wine.
write it.
live it.
be it.

Tisha said...

maybe if you cover your next celery stick with chocolate...but then that would defeat the purpose. i guess, mind over matter is it.

good grief that is the biggest fish i've ever seen! your husband is a master fisherman.

beckam is just adorable.

Tisha said...

just saw your comment on carin's blog and had to let you know that I joined WW as well. Paid for 16 weeks and well, I went to 1 meeting. I too felt out of place, maybe that's why I didnt go back.

tonight we made red robin royal burgers (the ones with the fried egg) for dinner...i gotta get back on the wagon.

Steph C said...

so sweet! I love the ones of you and Jen! So good the self portraits are great! Bride Wars is a must see I loved it! I love movies!

Anna Ruth said...

I'm so glad that you told me how to find your blog. You are so blessed with beautiful children a husband that is good to you and them. What fun it looks like you had on 5th.