Sunday, January 11, 2009

new stuff

wasn't done.

want to shake things up a bit. maybe mess

with my blog. hopefully not mess it up,

but instead add some color. not sure how to

do it, but i'll try, because this year, i will do.

i will do what i say.

i will be a doer!

not a word, but you get the pic.

i'm doin' it!

i might even paint a picture. have wanted

to for years. why not? i'm doin' it!



Kelle said...

just do it, baby! I know you will! I believe you will accomplish great things!!!

...grrr...why aren't these posts showing up in my google reader?!

cjs said...

catching up on here...your pics and words are beautiful, heidi!

LOVE peyton's expression upon seeing her roller skates! PRICELESS!!! so worth that face, even if she only uses them for an hour!!! that's what Christmas is all about...those faces.

(kelle is reading this, saying, "not jesus, carin? I thought Christmas was about jesus..."

you know what I mean!!!!

anyway...LOVE all these posts!!