Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a taste...

jeff's annual superbowl party...so much fun, so many babies and kids running around, food everywhere, friends, family,...perfection!

my babies. batman and cheetah. need i say more here? just look at the hands.
this IS beckham. this picture makes me smile even in all of its unfocused blurriness. i feel like i captured what beckham is made of in this picture. he is throwing his head back, laughing and smiling, closing his eyes to the sunlight, and just making this simple moment of swinging the most fun he can squeeze out of it. it's hard to explain, but this is him. love this boy so much.
lately he has been saying, "just hold me, mama!" says it over and over again even if i am holding him. also, he is talking so much more now. today he said, "i miss you, dada!" and "i love you, mama!"
it amazes me how many words he knows and can use in the correct context in a sentence. he is amazing and sooo in love with his big sister, or "peyton mae" as he calls her now!!

self-portrait bathroom mirror challenge to myself. still not getting it right, but i not-so-secretly thought this one looked cool.
more to come.
wanted to get a few in before being fined a delinquent blogger ticket...
trust me, it's happened to me. not pretty!
feeling lucky we have been blessed with such wonderful family and friends!
we love you people.


donna said...

love it... I LOVE the bathroom trick, I am still tryin to get it! Maybe we need to get some help fron the infamous KH!!!!!!!!

Kelle said...

Holy Wowza on the group picture! Gunna have Brett build me a stand on stilts in our living room so I can get that shot! And KH says four stars on the s.p., baby! Nice work!

dig this chick said...

love that your kiddos are holding hands! oh my, that must melt you!