Sunday, January 11, 2009

aunts and uncles ROCK!

papa and evie
uncle peter loves all the babies!

peyton dragging heather around the house...LOL!
all of us and my dad!anutie taryn and in the grandma who just moved to mi after living in italy most of her life! welcome home gram!

...auntie hi-o (auntie heather)

peyton and beckham are blessed to have many aunties in their life, including an uncle. when we visit michigan, my kiddies are sure to be loved, doted on, played with, by a few different aunties in mi. peyton and beckham are very lucky people.

auntie hi-o takes the cake with pride. she knows the kids adore her, and she knows why...(hee hee) i often call her peyton's slave. heather will do just about ANYTHING to make peyton or beckham happy. ANYTHING. she will trudge/tredge through snow in her pjs because peyton wants a picture with her, she will let peyton DRAG her around the house to play game after game after game, she will dress-up, draw, encourage, try to make a case peyton and beckham's behalf to stay up just one more minute, sneak hugs to them during time-outs, sneak treats before and after meals, love, laugh with both of my kids...endlessly. you name it, she will most likely do it often resulting in mommy (me) having a long talk with auntie hi-o about it being okay and encouraged to say 'no' once in awhile:)

what can i say? she is wonderful to our kids and we love her for it. peyton and beckham agree!!!
we love you auntie hi-o!!!!

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