Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're It!!!

Okay people...I was tagged by Kelle to list the seven songs I am into at this moment!! First off, let me just say that I was thrilled to be tagged...this is my first and very exciting! Secondly, I was supposed to do this last week, but I pretended I hadn't read it until today to give me some pretend time to do "it right." Actually when I read about this tag...I ran away from my pc in fear about wanting it to reflect me, but not all me. So, I came up with a list of songs and I think they work for me. BTW: I didn't include any Disney Princess songs which i do listen to quite frequently. With this said, I, Heidi D, promise to complete all tag assignments in a reasonabley timely fashion from here on in...:):) So here it is...

1. Keep Breathing Ingrid Michaelson (song from Grey's Anatomy when Meridith LIVES-no surprise there though...LOVE THIS SHOW! FYI: I think i am going to embellish this tag post with my thoughts...hope I'm not breaking any blogging rules:)

2. Lucky Jason Mraz Not sure why i like this song, but I really LOVE it! Okay, iwill be honest-I can not even remember the tune to this song, but I KNOW i love it. It is in faves list in Ipod.

3. Say John Mayer Hello, I could listen to just about anything he sings. But if you listen closely to the lyrics of this will find strength and truth there.

4. Daughters John Mayer again This is song sings encouragment into my little ears each time i hear this song. I want my baby girl to become a wonderful mother...this song reminds me how imortant our roles as parents are to our kids lives.

5. Pocket Full of Sunshine Natasha Bedingfield I am crazy in love with this my world...makes me happy...makes me want to make other people happy. LOVE! My arm could me getting mauled off my a pack of wild dogs (not so fun), but play this song andI beleive it would make me feel better;0 Just Sayin'

6. White Flag Dido Good song-makes me want to go boating while wearing a big yellow hat with a blue ribbon on it...ha hah haha
Author of this blog is extremely exhausted, possibly still in a little had-to-much-to-consume-but had-lots-of-of fun- cloud of haziness (i'll say it) and in fear that she may start to ramble and giggle and write a bunch of dumb sh--, causing this blog post to be funny or blog blacklisted-However, I am going to continue on so I can rest easier tonight knowing that I got it done:)
7.Barbie Girl Aqua I need to explain this to my small group of readers out there. This is my daughter, Peyton's, favorite song today. Yesterday it was, I am Me, and the day ofter that it was Fergilicious...yes, my daughter is wonderfully NUTTY!!!
8. Not supossed to add 8, but I am ... Viva La Vida Coldplay HAHA Kelle, you have started a dancing revolution at our house bc whenever we hear that song on commercial, we all stop what we are doing, claw each other trying to get in front of the tv, just to listen the words, rock out the jams while ...shaking my shoulders...No, I am not a dancer. Sure is fun though!!!
So now, you are IT!
I think Kell tagged the people i would have tagged, so if you read this and have not yet been personally tagged...You are it! List 7 songs you are into now, and tag another 7 bloggers to do the same!!!

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