Monday, June 9, 2008

Sometimes Bigger is Better...


Kelle said...

Still dreaming about that amazing movie. LOL on that photo. And thank you kindly for letting my digital head being granted the blessing of wearing that wedding dress.

Kelly said...

WOW! I'm impressed! I think you're like a pool shark who pretends they can't play well and then you come in for the kill at the end! This picture is coming from someone who said they can't put borders around a picture? I'm onto you now! lol.

That movie was INCREDIBLE!! With a capital I!!! I went just to be social thinking I'll spend $9 to hang out with my girlfriends, but not a real interest in the movie per say; nor did I have any good expectations about it.

I was always a little annoyed with the show (mainly bc of one character) so I turned my nose up to it and didnt watch, but now I want to see EVERY episode and know more about these characters who are so real in my heart now!

That movie made me laugh, cry and think all in 2 hours!! I want to see it again tonight!!! INCREDIBLE!!