Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Peyton's Garden-most of the flowers lived and she is so proud of it. So am I!
Nighttime Cuddles
Happy Stephy-look at that baby bump!

Pretty Princesses-Peyton & Sophia

Lainey's Head Decorations-and Lainey, too!!!
Hutchy's Happiness!

Setting my camera to timer, then running in hopes of capturing the perfect shot of the cousins!
A ladybug in my living room:)
Beck's creative side!
New mommy lovin'
Daddy's tickle torture!

Kelle and her paparazzi camera. I just love this picture.
Healthy breakfasts that my kids WILL eat! Net's Whip Cream Breakfast!!!
Flowers I get from my Peyton Mae.
Peyton's sparkly shoes...they make her sooo happy!
Disney Princess figurines at a restaurant...even Becks keeps himself busy with these.
Lovin' on a new baby... like Lily!!!
Watching Beckham and Peyton interact with one another.
Cooking with Peyton!!!
This list is not all inclusive, obviously:)
Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!! My kids love the whip cream breakfast too!!!! You look great!!

Kelle said...

love the list...didn't want it to end! I can't even name my faves from that she has her own garden and is proud of it!

Kelly said...

Love the list with pictures! Especially bc I got to take a peek at some really adorable kids!!

hmmm, where have I seen that signoff before? Don't tell anyone about my new title!! (nudgin' u in ribs) Workin' on it.... :)


Heidi said...

Haha-i 'borrowed' your sign off-i love it!!! i get a lot of my stuff from you, u rub off on me:):)

Rayna said...

What a wonderful list! Love the pictures, especially of me and AJ (but I think I'm biased)!