Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spotted today in Delasol: A Dancing Fairy and Beautiful Princess!

I love it when Peyton disappears for awhile and turns up later in head to toe feathers, sparkles, tiaras, high-heels, wings, or anything princess. It makes me laugh. She knows the moment I see her I will make a big commotion out of how cute she looks. Immediately, I will run over and give kisses, hugs, and comments on what a big girl she is to have dressed herself. She may say, "The shoes match my dress, mommy???" I will assure her that she did a great job and her proud smile will spread across her little face.
She will also get big smiles from Beckham (he thinks it is hilarious when Peyton dresses up). Beckham will then run for the dress-up chest to find...yes, a pair of princess shoes to wear for himself! Please note: I did not include pictures of this for fear Jeff would FREAK OUT:) I immediately break out my camera and snap away. Like I said, I LOVE it when she dresses up and I hope she does it for a long, long time!
PS This is my first real digital scrapbook page!!! Kell, thank u for all your good tips. It makes it much easier:)

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