Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beckham: Fun At Gymboree

Beckham at Gymboree

I don't love Gymboree, HOWEVER, Beckham does! He runs around like he owns the place. He twirls when the familiar music plays through the speakers, he waits for the bubbles, and runs away from the parachute-I think he is a little scared of that thing. I watch as he has obviously learned certain routines that the teacher has set in place. I watch proudly as he demonstrates for other little 1 somethings how to slide down the slide, climb up the slide, roll balls down the hill, walk up the big tube-y thingy... the list goes on.

I actually, get misty eyed when I see him do things that I didn't know he could. I know this is only a kid's gym where they play and interact with other kids, but to me, that 45 minute class bonds up together as mommy and baby-forever linked in this big world of people, experiences, and things, both good and bad. I really and truly adore you Beckham. You make me smile every single day!


Kelly said...

LOVE this page!!! What font did u use? How long did it take you? Is it getting any faster 4u?? You're a quick study!

Steph said...

You're quickly turning into a scrapbooking pro!

P.S. - thanks for your nice comments on my blog! :o)