Thursday, May 22, 2008

Peyton is Growing Up!

(Heavy Sigh) My little baby girl is growing up. I see it happening everyday. I see it when she chooses her own clothes to wear. I see it when she puts on her 'sparkly' shoes, I see it when she tells me how she is feeling when she is sad, I see it when she turns my cheek to kiss instead of my lips (Oh, yes she did!), I see it when she lovingly protects her brother (on good days);I see it when she looks at herself in the mirror, smiles, and dances; I see it when she remembers to brush her teeth; I see it when she goes potty all by herself; I see it when she asks me for a pedicure; I see it when she talks about her friends at school calling them by name to share an important story; I see it when she does her own hair; I see it in her face when she asks me a question and when I answer her, her face changes as she computes to understand what I just told her; I see it when she says what she wants for breakfast with conviction; I see it when she says she wants to hear Ingrid Michaelson's I Am Me or Fergie's Fergilious on my Ipod or in the car; I see it when she picks up one of my US Weekly magazines and picks out her favorite outfits; I see it when. I see it everyday. It makes me happy, proud, sad, but mostly curious. Curious to see what kind of girl, teen, and then young woman she will turn into to. I know she will extraordinary:)

Watching your babies grow up is nothing short of bittersweet. Her first day of kindergarten is there, looming in the very near future. I HATE the thought of her going to school. I know she has a year and half to go, but I know that time will fly by us. It is with these thoughts that constantly run through my mind, that I have learned to appreciate the smallest details of my life: making breakfast and struggling to make it fun and healthy so they will eat it; changing endless poopy diapers; first finding, then filling ANOTHER juice cup; combing Peyton's hair 20 times a day so it will look neat (I vowed along time ago that I would never have one of those children with messy hair and kool-aid stained upper lips-well, I will admit that I like the look of Peyton and Beckham's wind blown hair); doing laundry non-stop (liking this chore a little better because Peyton and Becks love to help me); having tea party after tea party; making beds; playing in the Africa heat because Beckham can say, "Outside!"

Sometimes I complain about the monotony of SOME of my days, but to tell the truth...I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the whole world. Watching these babies grow into kids is a blessing that I am not going to take for granted. I love them so much. I am so lucky.


Anonymous said...

I know we have to remember they will not always be little and want us to play with them -- I need to remember that when they ask me to be Robbie Rotten and chase them around the house for the 19th time!!! ahahha

Heidi said...

HAHA-who is Robbie Rotten? I am picturing you running around the house with a red cape flying behind you and a black mask-i don't know why:):)