Monday, March 1, 2010

a big boy and a BIG change!

okay, i am alive over here! i promised myself at least two posts a week...last week. i have failed, but for good reason...i am saying goodbye to Life is Like a Box of Chocolates. yes, sad, but true. i think i have outgrown it. my very first blog. i began this blog in an effort to leave something for my children to read about their lives growing up and something to read about what their mama was like back then. i have never been good with baby books and such so this worked for me.

that first step into the blogsphere (i think i made that up) was a scary one. vulnerable and just plain weird.
will people read it? do i even want people to read it? what if people laugh at my grammar errors? what if people laugh at the stupid stuff i write? maybe i should keep it private?

case in first post is here.

i guess i learned about myself that i simply didn't mind much what others thought about my blog. i mean, actually i cared lots, but not enough to stop writing in it. i would defend it and all of its crazy fluffiness to my family who, at times, thought i was a crazy person that had taken over the body, mind and soul of their daughter and sister.

however, anyone who blogs i am sure can understand all of the blessings and healing it can bring upon one's life.

"Find the good. It's all around you. Find it. Showcase it. And you'll start believing it." Jesse Owens.

i really believe that when you look for the WILL find and see the bad. more importantly however, i know that when you look for the good and beautiful, you WILL find the good and beautiful.

life. it can be ugly and we can choose to only see the ugliness. OR we can make the choice to see the beautiful. it is a choice. a choice that we all have to make each day. do i see the beautiful in everyday? yes, i do. and this is what i choose to write about even though i know lots of ugly too.

i live the ugly stuff too, however, most of the time, i am sure i don't want to write to about it. not because i am ashamed or trying to portray myself in the best light. i write about the good because at the end of the post...i feel good. better. positive and empowered. if you don't believe me...try it!

now, my family doesn't laugh at me, they ask me to get posting! also, the friendships i have made through this blog i truly treasure.

i'll stop the tangent now.

what i was trying to say is that, i have created a new space to write about our life. i have been working on it for a few days, because anyone that really knows me or follows this blog, knows that it takes me a long time to make decisions about EVERYTHING.

i enlisted the help of a few friends to help me come up with a new name that they thought worked well with what i was all about. i think it came down to being real, creativity, life and art. each of the four girls, including my sister, came up with so many good ideas that i wish i could start 5 more blogs just to use the titles. so, after many lists and phone calls back and dear, sweet and super talented friend jenn (i would link her, but i haven't persuaded her to begin a blog yet) came up with...

well, i will wait a few more days to unveil the new name that i LOVE and ADORE!
here is a hint though...

in even BIGGER news,

my baby is riding a big boy bike.
"i riding a big boy bike with (as he concentrates on getting his index and middle finger to stay up) only...two wheels, mama. no training wheels!"

he has been riding on one for a couple of weeks now and i have never posted any pictures, so here are a few of our baby conquering the sidewalk with just 'two wheels, mama!'

we are so proud of this little one. he is smart, athletic, sweet, caring, kind, and loving. he loves his mama and his mama loves him right back.

peyton squeals in delight as beckham rides his bike down the drive. "i taught beckham how to ride his bike with no training wheels!"

she is so proud of her baby brother.

i'm off to nurse this head cold...damn head colds.



Anna Ruth said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear the new name. Congrats on riding a big boy bike!

Tammy B said...

I can't wait either! Hope you are feeling better soon. And congrats Beckam! that is a super huge accomplishment.

Heather Polleti said...

awwww SO CUTE!!! i know what it is....but im not gonna spill the beans.....cant wait to see the new header. Becks is such a DOLL and Peyton is the best teacher ever!!

Tisha said...

cant wait to see the new blog!!!

yay for beckham!

Brandy said...

Hooray for new blog! Can't wait!

Oh man I still remember how it felt to ride a big girl bike the freedom to speed off at what I thought must be 700mph! Ahhh!

Anonymous said...

OH you and me both with the head colds. Yuck!

Well I can't wait(just a new follower, but still excited!) to see your unveiling of your new blog!

Your babes are precious. We are getting Ross a bike for his fourth birthday, so we'll see how it goes! Congrats to Beckam on such a big accomplishment :)

Creative Christine said...

No idea on the new name. I am excited to find out!!! I love all of your postings and I look forward to them always. Beckam is growing up so fast and he is lucky to have a big sister like Peyton!

Candy said...

OOh i had no idea u were starting a new space. Thanks for coming to my blog and leading me to urs. I'm excited to read all about ur new blog and esp hear the new title now. Congrats to ur little boy for riding a big boy bije - he is adorable :)

Heidi said...

chris, i miss you:(
mama lion, what a small world...! can't b i saw you on j's blog one day after i found you randomly. congrats on new baby!

kim said...

Can't wait to hear the new name of your blog!! Something to do with paint & something sort of artsy...hmmmm!?!

Congratulations to Beckham for learning to ride on his big boy two-wheeler...WOW!! And congrats to Peyton as well, for being such an amazing big sister and teaching him how to ride! ;)

Kelly Hutcheson said...

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him zipping by my house looking like a 5 year old on his big boy bike! wowiezowie!!

Vanessa Voth said...

Blogs are great to replace "baby books"! I have a blog for my daughter and I love it. It also keeps distant relatives in the loop of our lives. Congrats to your son for learning to ride with only 2 wheels!