Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a simple wooden duck.

that's all she wanted from the downtown ann arbor art fair.

"peyton and beckham, you each may choose one thing to buy!"

1 minute into the search for the perfect artsy fairish-you can't-get-it-just-anywhere-treasure...she spots this...

i actually try to get her to change her mind. cute as it is, i thought it was for a younger child, not my big girl. i asked her if she was sure because if not, we could walk around a bit longer and come back. i mean, seriously what the hell did i really care. i want her to make her own decisions, feel confident and secure when she does. SHUT UP MOMMY was looping around in my brain, so i did. the old man behind the counter graciously carved her name into the little wooden duck.
from that moment on...she let the duck follow her around...FOR DAYS!
i know this story about my baby girl and her wooden duck isn't the most riveting, but it is worth mentioning that i have found that i love that little wooden duck, with its old time charm of a simple, well-made, toy. one that she loves and i know will find a home on her dresser for years to come because it is engraved and i just love that she made her choice even when her mama was nudging her away. i love it when she makes a choice, sticks with it, and doesn't look back. i envy that. i lack that quality. i truly agonize for days/months/weeks on any given decision-making process. it sucks.
i learn from her everyday.
on the photography front...look at this little guy and his mama...sandra, my sister's bff. i love his little mohawk. i had such a great time photographing him and listening to his mama tell the most hilarious stories about life and babyhood and...oh my gosh, i about fell off of her couch ten times.
daddy came home just in time to nibble on the little one...
love the peace shirt with the rocco's mean guy look!
i have so much more to share and i am crossing my fingers that i will make time to do it. the good news is i am completely booked up for the holiday shoots in michigan. i am excited to start working on all stuff having to do with christmas. mailers!!!!
girlfriend loves a good christmas mailer...yes, it's designed. now we just need the pics. and a little birdy called me last night and said, "i'm at target. guess what they have here?!" okay, seriously i tried to guess.:)
NOT ONLY IS TARGET NOW CARRYING PUMPKINS...they also have a christmas aisle complete with big red, velvet bows, and the joyful penguins---all lit up! made me so happy!!!!


Kelle said...

up so early this morning after getting up to go the bathroom, lying back down and trying to ignore the acrobatics inside my tummy. so i venture out, make some coffee and look at my treat? your post. worth the lack of sleep, for sure. i love the duck, but mostly, i love the way she's swinging it and how if, god forbid, there was a head within a two-foot radius, they'd pretty much be dead. lol. i'm glad you let her swing it, you know. because nothing is as fun as swinging a wooden duck. (not to mention, she is so pretty, heids). and then the pictures of rocco? i love them all, but so love the close-up on the blanket. they are beautiful, and you captured all his baby essence! beautiful. bravo. can't wait to see more. oh wait. want happiness? ready? ...(whispering) christmas. mailers. heart jumped, didn't it?

Anna Ruth said...

The wooden duck... I think I would have picked the duck also.

April said...


love the simple pleasures in life, and a wooden duck is most certainly one of them!

cute post.

so are you in michigan now?

Heidi said...

kelle...thanks for the sweet comment., not yet. i will be back in michigan the first week of october for a couple of weeks!!! i can't stay away from the fall!!!!

Tisha said...

get out! your photography is so amazing! love the a2 art fair. i work downtown so i hit it every year. :)

fall crispiness is in the air in michigan. can't decide if christmas decorations should go up immediately after halloween or if i should wait till after thanksgiving.

April said...

okay, so i have to say...

thanks for the giggles! i am at work today, and your comments brought a smile to my face.

thank you!!

*i will be in michigan mid-october. too bad the detroit suburbs and the traverse area are so far away. would love to meet up with you!

The Manrings said...

the duck story makes me smile.....and the baby pics are adorable, especially the last one with his pouty face. really i'm planning my next trip to target just to check out the holiday section...ahhhhhhhhhh! hehehe xo