Thursday, July 16, 2009


me: drifting in and out of sleep. its the time in the morning where you are still sleeping, yet you know that this slumbering bliss is about to will be up soon!

what feels like 10 seconds after i have the above sensation...

peyton: soft cries, pitter patter of her little feet stammering down the hall over the wood floors where i hear her feet stop at our bed. "mommy, there's a jellyfish on my window!"

me: "shh. beckham is sleeping. WHAT? a jellyfish on your window?!"

peyton: "yes, mommy. a there's a jellyfish on my window and i'm scared."

me: (not proud) "HAHAHAHAH. a jellyfish on your window. let's go see this jellyfish!"

we held hands, walked up to her window, and yes there was indeed a weird designed dusting of dirt or some kind of shadow that very well could have been a...jellyfish.

she cracks me up. she especially cracks me up long after she is asleep, snuggled in her bed. it is at night that i think of the day beginning to end. oftentimes finding myself more amused at the memory of an event that happened earlier in the day, than when it actually happened.

i love her littleness. her sweet little worries. her little face seeking us out to calm her fears, irrational and otherwise. she is full of emotion. she analyzes. she's an analyzer. she thinks and thinks and thinks. i watch her little eyes and face and i can see that she is trying to process...understand.

she is wise...for a 4 year old (yup, she's still 4, ya know) beyond her years. lately she is asking about getting older, white hair, big bums. yes, big bums and why some people have them. i don't know where she gets it. but rest assured, my girl likes a big bum often times telling me not to exercise so i won't have a "flat body."

"not to worry, " i tell her back, "i have a while before i have a flat body again, sweetheart." thank you very much:)

my baby is growing up.

more than anything, i hope she comes to me every morning with fears of friendly, window loving jellyfish. i don't want that to end. nope. not yet.



amyc said...

Flat bodies lack character and substance. I agree with Peyton. "I like big bums and I can not lie...."

Anna Ruth said...

How sweet is your girl? I'm so glad you have that bond where she can come to you for anything.

Trisha (Kent) Davidson said...

love the pic of peyton! nice!
love the post...reminds me of noah and the questions...they are precious at that age. miss you. xoxo.

Barb said...

omg......SO CUTE.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

These little stories are so cute and writing them down is the best way to remember them for future Peyton to read!! Adorable!