Friday, February 5, 2010

love affair.

"i'm gonna be a golfer when i get big, mama!"

little beckham makes this proclamation pretty regularly much to the delight of my husband who is kinda sorta for
sure a golf fanatic. however, why shouldn't he be...he is amazing at the sport and has a passion for everything about

i'm pretty sure i'm looking into beckham's future a little bit when i hear him ask to go golfing, hit balls, or try on
his golf shoes throughout the week.

i wonder if 3 year olds can have passions about things like this...well, things other than batman, pirate
ships and m&m's.

oh, how i love how he loves everything his daddy loves. he is so much like him. i can only imagine how that
makes jeff feel inside.

peyton enjoys whatever her daddy does as well. okay, i am a tad envious that the kids are all into what their
daddy's into. she, especially my big girl... i have tried, with complete failure, to get her into a sweet love
affair with her dolls, or ballet classes, or even real babies. nope, it is her daddy she wants to please
with her golf swing or bicycle balancing.

"let the dream die, heidi!" the hubby says with a sly smile. i just want to slap him...but i don't. he's right.

it's okay. peyton's her own girl and i'm proud of her. no more french fry and ice cream bribes at dance class.
i finally let her quit after i found it to hard to watch the other little tutu'd ballerina's dance and my little one
have zero interest.

realizing that i have a lot less control over her life than i used to. dang...i kinda liked being in full control:)

my little love. just wanting her to be happy doing what she enjoys is all i can and will ever want for her and
her baby brother. that's my story...

my passion isn't as healthy...

and baby brother playing big brother...
to baby nella and lainey!



Tisha said...

the real clubs and the glove?! its too much cute. seriously. adorable.

personally, i prefer your passion. lol. and i love how you admit that you gave up the french fry and ice cream bribes. you are my kind of mama, lol, if i had a girl i would have been doing the same thing.

Domestic Diva said...

FINALLY! I've been trying all morning, and, finally, all the pictures to your new post loaded!!

I was surprised to read that Peyton wasn't into her dance class, probably b/c she looks so girly in all the pics you take of her :)

Glad to have you back!! Happy day to you ...

Brianna said...

So fun to "meet" you. Your chilren are darling. And the one of your son with Lainey and Nella. {Perfection}.

And your sweet daddy's girl? She's beautiful. I am so wanting my Ivy to be a girly girl. Always dressing her in fluff and frills. I have a bad feeling that she's going to rebel and never want to wear dresses again by the time she's 5! :)

Heather Polleti said...

you take the most AMAZING pictures much talent :) Posh and Becks are tooo cute...I miss them and you so much:)The picture with Beckham holding the baby is ADORABLE... youre such a good friend to kelle and her babies :) luv ya!!

Happy Mom said...

You do amazing work as usual!!

Kelly said...

Daddy must be so proud reading about his mini-clones! Absolutely beautiful pictures them all. Can't pick any favorites even if I was tickle tortured. :) xoxo

Anna Ruth said...

Beckcom really looks like a mini golfer. If he keeps it up he will have a golf scholarship before we know it.

JennyCB said...

Wait, LOVE LOVE the pix!!!!!! You're so talented, I honestly can't deal. I love the one of Beckham pointing to where he's going to loft the ball. Classic.
BTW, you need to seriously consider taking photos for a kickass cookbook. I'm 100% serious. Send 'em in, girl. Martha Stewart is waiting. You've got something special in them there foodie pix... (Also send them in to food magazines. I have the 2010 Writer's Market with all of the contact info you'd need...)

Kelle said...

I love that first picture. ...and, of course the last one. If you squint your eyes on that first picture, you can see Beckham in about twenty years. Just littler.
xoxo I've seen you so much lately, I miss you when I don't!

Jen Bacarella said...

Jeff, is an amazing golfer and I know this because whenever I get a chance to golf with him I am in awe of his raw much so that I just want to put the clubs away and hang out in the spa with you! Tucson in May my summer friend hope your ready to find ghosts in the desert! Of course I am going to make you bring your camera so that we can take pics together and I can get free lessons :-)

The Manrings said...

oh how special to see your kids loving on their daddy and the picture of the two boys golfing....thats the best. there's something about daddies and how they make everything more fun. i know thats how it is in my house for sammy (already) and when i was growing up too. love your pics...always do. ps. thanks for your nice comment the other made me smile!! xo