Monday, February 15, 2010

ever thine, ever mine, ever yours.

"...Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our exisitance can we achieve our purpose to live together-
Be calm- love me-today-yesterday-what tearful longings for you-you-you my life-my all-farewell. Oh continue to love me-never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved. Ever thine, ever mine, ever yours."
what is it about valentine's day that entices me to do things like look for then purchase love letters of great men. it may have something to do with the fact that before i sat down to write this post, i just had to find the perfect background noise.

i am always in search of the perfect background music or movie and my ol' faithful choice is you've got mail 'cause it makes me think of newly sharpened pencils and how good they smell, twinkle lights, and my favorite season-fall. it's a happy movie and it lifts the spirit!

not to get off track, but today i chose as my background hullabaloo... sex and the city the movie. it kinda feels like a valentine sorta-ish good movie to watch... minus the jilted bride and infidelity.

there is such an exquisite poetry to this movie that i simply can not explain. the music makes you want to cry and was perfectly paired with the sequence of events, filming and angles...divine.

not to mention...the story. the story is really, really good! all of the women in the story want something; love, stability, a baby, her old self back. they all overcome their struggles in the most beautifully acted out way. to me that's a good story.

no, this is not a movie review. i'm off topic again!

with this holiday comes sugar cookies, hearts, and tiny will you be mine? valentines- stickered up with the scrawl of a little five year old girl in black sharpie...she's perfecting her name and i love how proud she is of it...
and then a super secret 'love day' photo shoot for daddy. i kinda forgot to look at camera settings, for the ENTIRE shoot. hate it when that happens, but we had so much fun doing the 'secret' for daddy that is doesn't really matter how sharp the pictures are...'cause they were taken with lots of love' and we know how much he likes new pictures of his babies for his walls at work! these are for you, daddy!

daddy, we love you very much! thank you for working so hard for us.
i feel like i have some catching up to do with photo sessions that need to be posted and since i don't have my photography blog set up yet, i will post them here, but's lots and lots of pictures! i pretty much have a decision making problem. going out to eat is tough...i can never decided what i want and then when i do decide...i end up eating what my husband ordered because i'm not all that into what i ordered. i think it has something to do with the idea that going out to dinner is such a special be waited on, served whatever we want just by speaking the words, and then picked-up after.

honestly, if you really think about's pretty awesome. in my quest to squeeze every bit of the fun and experience out an evening out...i usually order something...weird or something i wouldn't normally prepare myself. however; when it comes, i am reminded why i probably don't make it for myself or family at home.

Lesson: keep trying new never know when you will hit the food ordering jackpot. it is so much sweeter when it happens 'cause, in my case, it happens only a few times a year. how i said food and jackpot in same sentence. i love food!

here are a few shots of julie and her new twin boys...they are deliciously beautiful...
blessed blessed blessed.

next one up is kelle and nella cordelia. first shoot after nella arrived and i love how it turned out...
in every session from now on, i have decided to do an over the top enhancement to at least one photo.
it is really fun to mess around with different techniques and it helps me learn and navigate my programs.
and my favorite...
love that nella bean!
and the next was a five year old shoot for handsome brandon! his mama wanted me to bring my little one along
to make the shoot a little more fun and despite the FREEZING cold weather...we had a great time!

way enhanced:

and the birthday boy...
and then his super sweet and beautiful sister, chloe started dancing, so i had to get some shots of that and of
her loving on her big bro...
then, those crazy kids wanted ice cream in the freezing cold weather, but it made for some cute photos!

i guess the only other thing to talk about it how much i love my own little valentine's. they are amazing and
keep me on my toes and truly teach me more about life than anything or anyone ever could.

i think it's important to teach our young boys how to be little gentlemen. i know beckham is young, this time in
his life is so formidable and necessary. with that said,daddy took him to buy some tulips for peyton and i the day before valentine's day.
when beckham returned from his 'secret' trip with daddy, he said, "we got you flowers, mama. for you and peyton, but can't see them!"

he makes me laugh.
peyton is growing up so's the hour glass is filling with sand and it refuses to slow down.
she just gets bigger and more independent as each day goes by. my little baby girl who is so much like me...i'm in trouble!
yes, valentine's day, although hugely commercial and a reason to spend money on chocolate hearts and mini
hannah montana greetings, makes me think of all that i love in this world and those who love me back. trying
more than ever to tell those that are dearest to me how much they mean.
feeling blessed for so much, but especially for my husband and these two little souls!!!
happy love day!

oh and if this damn blog post has any errors...i'm over tinkering with any technology that doesn't do what i want it to do:)


Heather Polleti said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures!! so much fun and I LOVE the song too!!! Happy V Day!! luv you!!

JennyCB said...

GREAT photos, friend. You're quite the talent... I need to schedule a shoot for the monkeys soon!! <3

Kelle said...

These are gorgeous, Heids. Love the two of Beckham. And I love that Peyton blacks out all the circles in her letters...ha ha. And I'm glad that you are 'ever mine' my friend.

Tisha said...

love the photos - you are so talented. Peyton looks so much like you and beckham looks just like your husband!

i hate photo settings...i always forget to change them, so i blame it on the lens. lol.

next time you are in MI. I want you to take the boys pics! :)

Domestic Diva said...

Delicious post, Heidi! Love how your little man's undies are peeking out in his Valentine pics ... gets me every time! And, LOVE Sex and the City ... the show and the movie!!

Oh, and the photo shoot with Kelle and Nella ... incredible!! My fav? The one where they're both smiling :)

Happy Day! I hope you enjoy your scones ...

And, some Eli lovin' to top this comment off:
k s 7i

Brandy said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment over on my lil' blog!
Your photography is so amazing! So much talent down there in Florida!
PS. If you don't need a coat and can eat ice cream it's so not freezing! I'm in Canada so I know freezing!

Tisha said...

oh and i loooove the pics of kelle and nella!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Hi Heidi!

So YOU are the wonderful photographer behind the "Nella and Kelle" pics! I just love them all!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Cheers! Let me know if you ever come up to Canada for shoots..I'm having a baby in two weeks :D


Brianna said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I wish we lived closer to each other. We need some updated family photos.


Food and Fitness Files said...

Absolutely STUNNING photography... You are SO talented!!!

Kendall Bethy said...

Hi Heidi! You must be THE Heidi from Kelle's blog. Glad to finally "meet" you! Your pictures are beautiful and so are your children. You definitely should have another!!

Kelly said...

Are you kidding me with these pictures? Leaves me speechless! Truly! wow. xoxo

Domestic Diva said...

I have to ask ...
how were the scones?
I saw that Kelle blogged about a lemonade stand, which included a little blurb about some scones?!

Happy Day, Heidi ...

Anonymous said...

Im from Australia and just wanted to make you aware that some lady is using one of your pics of your children off your blog as her profile picture and is scamming on my local animal buy sell and swap facebook pages.