Tuesday, December 1, 2009


as the season progresses at what seems to be lightening speed...i can not help but feel thankful for so much in my life and in the lives of my family. when the days seem long and full of work, i am comforted at night by the fact that we have so much. we need so little. i am so happy and grateful for what i get to call mine...these babies that never stop amazing me, teaching me, and loving on me.

the comfort and security of our little piece of this world...my home... that twinkles with the lights of my tree that illuminates the homemade ornaments stuck together with a surplus of glue, glitter, and macaroni.

...tarts that send waves of christmas wreath and mistletoe through the house- courtesy of yankee candle via bed, bath, and beyond. at two bucks a pop...they are worth every dime!

old movies and candles.

christmas music....baby, it's cold outside makes me want to host a high class dinner party nightly. it just does.

my camera and these photos of cousins...spencer, sophia, and little griffin. i love these little ones and i just adore these pictures...

my fave photo of the session i think. sophie's face and griffin looking on. i just wish i knew what they
were talking about...ADORABLE!

and although we were quickly running out of light...we captured the day. the fun we had. the adventure in trying to keep three little ones
clean, happy, and smiling! they did an awesome job and i am so proud of them.

and after the glitz...

jenn made us homemade pasta...chopping and dicing and laughing and nonstop talking...and this was all after our hour long ride
historic ft. myers. perusing old homes, loving, wishing, dreaming of a "someday, we are going to have a wrap around porch!" yup. it will

i was so getting into this photographing food thing...i swear it was really fun!

while the noodles simmered, i went outside to cut some fresh rosemary out of the yard...nothing like fresh herbs...
i even took some home!

jenn rocked out this garlic, italian flat-leaf parsley, olive oil, sea salt, with fresh cheese pasta.
grandma would have been proud. delicious.

truly thankful for getting to indulge in a few of my passions that night...fresh food, photography, wine, and true friendship.

on another thankful note:

while singing peyton and beckham a lullaby tonight...hush little baby,

hush little baby don't say a word, mommy's gonna buy you a diamond ring...if that diamond rings turns brass, mama's gonna buy you a
looking glass... (i often make up words, so forgive if they are incorrect, but it's what i sang tonight.)

becks: no, mommy i want a ring, i don't want a glass. no. no. no. i want a diamond ring.

me: okay, sweetheart. you can have a diamond ring.

becks: thank you, mama.

peyton: i want a barbie ring.

becks. i want a batman ring. i want a batman ring, not a diamond ring.

me: okay guys, a barbie ring and a batman ring.

becks: thank you, mama (as he rolls over towards me, fits in the crook of my neck, wraps his little arm around the
other part of my head while i tried to hold peyton's hand all at the same time).

this is what i am most thankful for. not much else matters in moments like these. am i right? life is sweeter.
troubles melt away and i hear myself saying..."i'll stay with you here for just five more minutes!" inevitably i often fall
asleep...which is why it's best when daddy does the tucking in!


Domestic Diva said...

wonderful post, heidi!! and beautiful pictures, i might add.

i'm always falling asleep with my cuties when i tuck them in, too! how can you leave when they're so sweet & cuddly? nope, not me!! i love holding on to them until they're sound asleep.

glad you're enjoying the season...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful person... thanks again for taking these magnificient shots of my children... you're an AMAZING photographer and an even more amazing friend. J

Tisha said...

i'm hungry! you should post those pics for a gourmet cooking mag!

um, i'll take a diamond ring. lol.

Tammy B said...

Heidi, your pics are awesome. Love your food shots too.
And I too have to try my very hardest to not fall asleep with the kids!

The Manrings said...

beautiful pictures of the happy kids and all the yummy food. now i'm really hungry. hehe keep up all that awesome photography! hope you had a great turkey day too. thanks for the wonderful reminder of how much we all have to be thankful for. xo

Domestic Diva said...

only 5 comments? i just wrote a long one and it's missing, lost in cyberspace somewhere!!

oh, well.

i was just saying...
somehow i knew there'd be a new header. esp, maybe?! and just a little fyi, i think you're missing the word 'of' in your title. that's the proofreading court reporter in me :)

also, i had to laugh at your comment on my blog, the canning, jarring, creating part. because just a few weeks ago my neighbor and i burned 120 apples. it was quite the experience. roasted applesauce, as my sister would say!!

happy day!

Heidi said...

NOOOOO. tell me it's not true. i am serious when i say this...i am LOSING it!!! funny part is, my husband called to say he liked the new header, and then jokingly said i spelled chocolate wrong...instead i was just missing a whole word.

thanks april...you rock!!!! woah on the burnt apples. did the house smell good tho?!!!!!

Domestic Diva said...

you're always cracking me up, heidi!!

i could use a little header help, if you're up for it. first off, what is the header size you use? i'll sit down and mess around with it, but always walk away disappointed! apriljnelson[at]hotmail[dot]com. i'd love to hear from you :)