Wednesday, December 9, 2009

december fun.

so much to write about and share. nothing especially new or exciting, but i've been busy doing things that are fun, but just the same, i have been keeping busy with pictures, deadlines, and stupid stuff that doesn't really matter. yes, i said stupid stuff-like a 5 year old who is annoyed and doesn't have a better word for tired, fed up with rudeness, kids even though i am with them most minutes of the day---.

i need to learn how to balance. i think i am coming along with it though. i'm not complaining bc i simply love and adore what i am doing, but i today i want to bake something that will make my house smell delicious and inviting. i want to cook a french meal because beoeuf bourguignon just sounds...divine, right?

i haven't had it, but it has red wine, cognac, fresh herbs, and mushrooms infused into it. yum. i can't stand this need to make something. i want to hang white lights and host a dinner on the rooftop of some building in a downtown area where i can hear the commotion of the world below but drown it out with the sounds of the people i love. red wine fits into this fantasy too!

okay, so maybe i've been inspired by a movie, but who cares. inspiration is everywhere. i love that about life.

i feel blessed and tired all at once, but i'm pretty sure that is allowed, especially this time of year. i've vented and i feel better just like that:)

off my weird euphoric food tangent and on to the things that we have been doing and how much we have to look forward to this month! first off, our family is coming here for christmas!!!!

for the first time in our whole lives, jeff and i and the kids will not be traveling home to michigan this year. the economy plays a small role, as really, we just want to be home this year. to celebrate chrsitmas morning and eat our tradtional christmas morning, and super special, breakfast at home at our kitchen table.

sadly, the closer we come to the big day, i was becoming a tad sad that we wouldn't be jeff's family...but they decided to travel here along with jeff's brother and his fiance, heather!!!! excitment is an understatement.

peyton and i went to chelsea's birthday party last week...i can't b these babies are five years old now. peyton and her little group of girlfriends met when they were all 6 months old at my gym. these babies are growing up so fast that it makes my heart overflow and hurt at the same time.

her mama hosted the sweetest party...and the colors inspired my little camera to snap away.

the birthday girl!

as a family, a couple weeks before, we visited 3rd street for the tree lighting and to dance in the snow...

auntie hi-o sent another beauty in the mail...

peyton's smile at the front door, when she learned it was a package for her said it all...thank you, auntie heather for being so thoughtful and loving peyton and becks as you do! we love you. miss you too!

and to end this little post...a sneak peak of our christmas shoot! i just love this shot of the two of them. i think i snapped it right as p eye's were closing OR maybe she was soaking in her baby brother's love. hmmm.

i have some rediculously funny ones as well. i'll share those later.

xoxo g'night.


Jenn Bluestein said...

Heidi these are amazing!! You are getting soooo good girl! The color and clarity are awesome! Please upload these to shutterfly and send to me so i can put them in chelsea's bday book.

Kelle said...

that birthday party was the shizzle and your pictures were the candy coated cherry on top! glad you are down here for christmas. because i want to be up north too, and misery loves company. not really...just that you will love being the matriarch of your own traditions this year, and i'm happy you get to have that. it's a gift! xoxo

Anonymous said...

These are just gorgeous!!! I miss you!

Domestic Diva said...

yummy, delicious post, heidi! i know what you mean, about being busy (yeah, even with stupid stuff :)

your girl peyton is beautiful. and your pictures of her are amazing!

and the last one? a d o r a b l e!!

Anna Ruth said...

The colors! You were right how could your camera not snap the shots. Peyton looks so beautiful!

trishakent23 said...

heidi....those pics rock! you go girl. looked like a great time.

Kelly said...

hello, clear pictures! omg, i feel like i was there too! zowie! and peyton's hair with a wave/curl? oh my cute! made her look like she was about ready to get her driver's license! holy moly macanoly!

Kelly said...

ps, love the header too! a header with no pictures? gasp! loooooove it!!

Anonymous said...


This is your mother, your pictures look good enough to eat!!!

Love you and the kids.