Thursday, March 5, 2009


finally, the veil of sickness has lifted from the darwish household...finally!!!!
after having dealt with the flu a few times, colds, and a healthy dose of pink eye-we are catching up, and like anyone that has had to hunker down for awhile, we are feeling free as birds to just get up and go again.
with our health i am feeling the need to get ready for spring.
i love this time of year where new things are growing. all seems a little brighter, lighter, new, and young. we have been appreciating each beautiful day, loving the sun and the wind. soon, the heat will be overbearing so i love soaking in all of this perfect weather.
spring dresses hang plentifully at our favorite stores. new shoes line the shelves and i justify buying a few new things for the kids. especially shoes. yes, both of my little ones love shoes. i will be posting pictures of peyton's modeling show later, but for now, here are other things that delight me.
the two books i am picking up everyday are these little gems. kelle suggested i grab one...and i love that i listened because we are having lots of fun playing around with it. sometimes i think that my brain is turning to mush because i don't write as much as i used to since not being in school or teaching, so this blog helps me practice and gives me a platform to talk things other than baby poop, napping scheldules, and sore nipples...not that those aren't lovely subjects to talk about too, but you get the picture!
sometimes i open my thesaurus and ask jeff to give me a word to look up...not sure why we end up laughing loud every single time we play this little word game. it reminds me of how much i love words and their meanings and it teaches me to use them more often.
truly a treasure.
this feast of fresh fruit and cheese for dinner...easy and delicious and my kids love it.
dinner in ten minutes...delightful.
these two making a 'tent' out of two unbrellas and playing so sweetly together makes us pretty happy. their interactions with one another are becoming more and more entertaining. hearing them talk to each other, laugh with each other, is one of my favorite things to hear.
a short post, with so much more to share, but sleep is sounding pretty delighful right about now:)
hot pink flowers, new sparkly shoes, and what appears to be a future fashion model (or stylist).

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Heather Polleti said...

YAAAAYYYYY!!! I've been waiting all week drooling over my keyboard like a crackhead for this post!!! luv it! thanks for giving me something to smile about while I'm at the office. PS. thanks for trying to help me write my paper last night.