Saturday, February 14, 2009

all about love...

just thinking about all the things i loved about today and a few other days too...

-waking up and rushing off to peyton's soccer game and
watching her become more
confident with every kick of that ball.
-making a new tradition of going to dunkin donuts after
her game to enjoy the best coffee around,
while peyton and beckham eat 'sprinkled donut balls!'
-jeff taking the kids for an afternoon swim so i could take an afternoon nap.
-goodmorning hugs, kisses, cheek to cheek time with beckham and peyton...
yes, it is the sweetest thing i have ever encountered! his fluffy
cheeks he rubs on mine while saying mommy over and over again.
meanwhile, peyton runs over to get in on the lovins.
-purple roses, movie tickets, and a secured babysitter...
SURPRISE to me from the hubbster-thank you, jeff!!!!
-beckham saying, "happy vanin tine day, ma ma!" over and over again!
-peyton getting flowers from her daddy and exclaiming in her most excited and surprised voice,
"you made my heart super happy, daddy!" scouts honor,
i have no idea where she comes up with this stuff, but we EAT it up.
-happy endings to a sad movie.
-calls from my grandma and grandpa.
-finding old friends and picking up right where we left off even if it has been 17 years.
-telling friends you need them and they come running.
-seeing he's just not that into you...great movie!
-the past is the past...what matters most is today!
-a positive attitude just helps, and so does a good cry.
-my new lime green throw pillow!
-jeff and i laughing our you know whats off to jerry maguire...
help me, help you gets me everytime!
-a quiet house.
-my laptop.
-my new mac lush&lilac it!
there is so much more to be thankful and happy for but i will end it with these
beautiful pictures that this talented girl took...



Kelle said...

Aw! beautiful list! I love that Jeff got Peyton flowers...I'll bet she'll never forget that.
Happy Vanin Tine's Day!

Steph C said...

They are gorgeous gorgeous! Great pictures!

wylie said...

I love how the kids hold hands, they really are adorable! You have such a beautiful family darwish. Happy Valentine's Day

The Manrings said...

oh i love your sweet list of favorite things. the pictures are beautiful and i especially love the one of them holding hands. cute and precious! happy heart day to your family too. hope you are enjoying your weekend!

amyc said...

Chris and I just watched Jerry Maguire a few days ago. I ALWAYS laugh at the scene in the bathroom when Tom Cruise flips out and starts waving his hands around, "Fine!Fine!"