Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving.

it all started at 6 am. i pulled myself out of bed, bundled up for the cold and then drove to venetian village to run in my first race/run since high school. yeah, i used to run. i used to be pretty good and most of all i loved it...i loved the wind in my face, the confidence that came with each mile run or hurdle jumped, the feeling of leaving a competitor behind, the school spirit...

that was then.

today it felt a bit different...

mandy, jenn, and i pose with the turkey pre-run!

it felt BETTER!
i watched a pregnant lady pushing a set of twins, a lady at least 40 years older than me, a toddler (about 3 I'd say) on a scooter, and about 20 kids pass me on gulfshore drive. they were either running or walking, but passing me just the same. it was kind of funny and humbling and inspirational. i won't tell a lie, this was harder than i remember it being in the past and the miles seemed to crawl by. each time someone passed me that i thought shouldn't have, it made me push harder, walk faster, run more. it was GREAT! 4 miles felt like 20 to me, didn't think i'd make it, but i did and what better way to start the day off (okay, a fireplace, hot cocoa, and a thick quilt lounging on the couch sounds kinda nice too). we live in such a pretty place with such nice people that do such nice things.

i heard HAPPY THANKSGIVING from random strangers no less than 20 times.
i am so thankful to be living where we do!
and thankful to be reminded that i need to step it up for next year...!!!

later that night,
we were so happy to be with family and dear friends for a thanksgiving celebration. it was beautiful, inspiring, warm, loving,...perfect!
they say love is in the details and there was lots of love at matt & jenn's house. no detail was left out making it not only a time to feel thankful, grateful...but a true experience. one for the books. one of my greatest joys in life is to watch our children interact with their cousins. i can't grow tired of it. it is heartwarming and fills me up for days.
beckham and griffin are getting older and definitely want to play with the 'big kids' this year!

'i am thankful for' tree. spencer wrote 'life' on his. sweet boy. smart boy.
homemade goodies.
jenn's sisters and bro-in-laws making us all laugh.
matt was the chef and he made an exquisite feast!
what is so interesting? a small green frog caught the attention of all the kids.
let me in. i'm a big kid now! becks and griff were so sweet trying to 'hang' with the big kids!
sydney, maddy, riley, peyton, sophie, griff, spence, and becks.
loving this family and feeling so thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives because we have so many. we have so much.
matt and jenn, thank you for such a lovely evening. jenn, your creativity and attention to detail is amazing to me. you inspire me. we love you guys. xoxox


wylie said...

WOW! Look at that table! It is gorgeous! The kids are adorable Heidi, Peyton is such a little lady! It looks like you had a family filled day. Congrats on completing the run, I love the sign the kids are holding ;)

Kelle said...

I love the sign too!! Did Jeff make that with them?! Love Jen's set-up and all the laughing! I LOVE Thanksgiving!!! You captured it!

Julie Frizzi said...

Oh, all your pics.........You are truly a talented young lady!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

jennygirl said...

Your pictures are AWESOME!!

Truly, Heidi...WOW!!!

And good for you on completing the run...YOU DID IT, girl!!


Kelly said...

That sign made me LOL! Hard!! So cute he did that! Your editing is incredible!! Congrats on the great run!! Way to go rockstar! (Carin's term that I love)

Steph C said...

Great pictures Heidi and great editing! And great job doing the run! I love doing that run! I didn't do it last year because I was prego and this year I was going to do it and take Skye with me but I didn't so you are a step ahead of me:) Good girl! Keep running and next year it will be a breeze. I love the collage at the end!