Monday, December 1, 2008

as is tradition in our house...

we have invited mr. jingles back into our home this year!!! we love having him around. he is like part of the family and we look forward to him arriving each year the day after thanksgiving. actually, this is only his second year with us but we know he will continue to 'come home' for the holidays year after year!

who is mr. jingles you ask? he is an elf, one of santa's little elves sent from the north pole to keep a watchful eye for santa. you see, santa is far to busy to see if all the children are being nice (or naughty). instead he sends an elf in his place. each and every night our little elf, mr. jingles travels back to the north pole and reports back to jolly old st. nick!!!

each night when mr. jingles returns, he hides in a new place. each morning we have so much fun looking for him. today he is nestled in the christmas tree. yesterday, he dangled his legs from the inside of a christmas wreath. where will he go next? we can't wait to find him tomorrow. only one rule, the children may never touch him! so we are very careful. here is a sneak peek at our little elf. we don't think he will mind the exposure.


each year he brings a book with him. it tells us all about where is he is from and what he does to help santa clause.
merry christmas! ha. i said it! love it. happy holidays.
somebody stop me!!!


Kelly said...

Is this like Elf on a Shelf? Adorable!! Are the kids into it? Just leaving the world of dial up so im catching up in the blog world!! Your kids are GORGEOUS!! Just saw all the pix from Kelle and I almost fell on the floor in amazement!!

Heidi said...

yes, it is elf on a shelf. kids are into it so much!!! in fact, yesterday peyton walked up to her brother, stared at mr. jingles, gave her brother some lovin', and then walked up close to jingles and said, "did that make you happy, mr. jingles???"

ha ha so cute.

i know...kelle rocks my world with her pics. they are amazing!

Heather Polleti said...

thats so cute!! Mr Jingles is a STUD....give me some

wylie said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love that you made the rule that they can't touch him :) You are such a teacher Darwish!

Steph said...

What a cute family tradition! Love it!!

P.S. - your tree is GOREGOUS!!! :o)